Materials Science and Information Technology

Volumes 433-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Mao Zhao, Wei Zheng Zhang

Abstract: Thermal fatigue tests were conducted on diesel engine cylinder heads of gray cast iron HT250 with conductive heating fatigue test rig. The...

Authors: Chang Liu, Wei Zheng Zhang

Abstract: In this research, the non-linear thermo-mechanical simulation, experimental study and lifetime prediction of engine exhaust manifold were...

Authors: Xiao Liu, Yuan Fu Cao, Ti En Zhang

Abstract: Experiments of the valve bridge are carried out and the boiling states are investigated, to study the boiling heat transfer in cylinder head...

Authors: Dong Zhang

Abstract: A preconcentration method based on the adsorption of palladium-dimethylglyoxime -anchored organobentonite (DMG-bentonite) for the...

Authors: Yan Chun Zhong, Qing Jun Yang, Gang Bao

Abstract: The performance of a single-chamber pneumatic spring and a dual-chamber pneumatic spring have much difference. Dynamical models of these two...

Authors: Li Fang Zhang, Ying Ying Chen, Shu Juan Dai

Abstract: The biosorption of Acid Red R, from aqueous solutions by acid treated Penicilium sp. was studied in a batch mode. Operating variables like...

Authors: Ming Hsu Tsai, Wen Yi Lin, Kuo Mo Hsiao, Fu Mio Fujii

Abstract: The objective of this study is to investigate the deformed configuration and free vibration around the deformed configuration of clamped...

Authors: Yan Peng Lei

Abstract: The environment of Venus surface is extremely harsh, while the lower attitude atmosphere is similar to the Earth's stratosphere, so the...

Authors: M. Kojouri Manesh, M. R. Hematiyan, M. Eghtesad, D. S. Necsulescu, A. Rezazadeh

Abstract: In numerous engineering systems it is essential to know the vibrational behavior. Often laser vibrometers are used for vibration...


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