Manufacturing Science and Materials Engineering

Volumes 443-444

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Wei Song, Yi Sheng Zhang

Abstract: In order to maintain the synchronization between the development of total control system of product line and the manufacturing of hardware...

Authors: Ya Juan Sun, Ri Ga Wu, Hong Jing Wang

Abstract: The mechanical properties of a new Zr-based bulk metallic glass at low temperatures were investigated. The results indicate that the...

Authors: Li Cai Wu, Chuang Yu

Abstract: The application of powder particle size measurement in engineering field are introduced, the major powder particle size research methods are...

Authors: Jian Wu, Yao Chun Yao, Yong Nian Dai, Bin Yang

Abstract: In this study, high-purity Li2CO3 was prepared by carbonation-decomposition and ion-exchange methods using the...

Authors: Gui Cheng Wang, Qin Feng Li, Hong Jie Pei, Hai Jun Qu, Yun Ming Zhu

Abstract: In this paper, the forming processes, main effect factors and change law of the cutting direction burr in orthogonal cutting have been...

Authors: Chun Ye Zhang, Hong Jie Pei, Qin Feng Li, Chun Yan Zhang, Gui Cheng Wang

Abstract: The Cemented carbide cutting tool is widely used in more machining factory, the 5 types of cemented carbide materials: YT30+Ta, YTS25, YH1,...

Authors: Zhao Peng He, Jun Qiang Xi

Abstract: In order to improve the reliability of automatic mechanical transmission (AMT) system, brushless DC motor was employed as the gear shift...

Authors: Yan Yan, Wen Quan Wang, Li Xiang Zhang

Abstract: The paper studies the linear vibrating mechanical behaviors of double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWCNTs) with the initial axial stress under...

Authors: Hai Long Ma, Ai Jun Tang, Qing Kui Chen

Abstract: In the process of milling thin-walled plate, chatter is one of the major limitations on productivity and part quality even for high speed...

Authors: Jian Jun He, Jie Sheng Jiang

Abstract: The paper presents a new improved method for structural dynamic reanalysis with large change in structure topology possessing added degrees...


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