Manufacturing Science and Materials Engineering

Volumes 443-444

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Xiang Li, Jian Feng Yang

Abstract: This phototherapy takes full advantage of near infrared ray with high penetrability treating various pains and UVC curing gynaopathy, yet...

Authors: Zhi Xiang Li, Jian Feng Yang, Qing He, Heng Wu Li

Abstract: This paper describes a family dishwasher which has been applied for China Patents, it mainly introduces the wave-wheel dishwasher control...

Authors: Jun Tao Wang, Hui Xiao

Abstract: In this paper introduce the technology of automatic sprayer control system in coal mine. In order to achieve sprinkling automatic, this...

Authors: Xiao Peng Wang, Yuan Zhi Cheng, Ming Ming Zhao, Xiao Hua Ding, Jing Bai

Abstract: We describe a technique for the registration of three dimensional (3D) knee bone surface points from MR image data sets. This technique is...

Authors: Chang Qing Bai, Yuan Yuan Peng, Qing Yan Zhang

Abstract: The wavelet transform of pulse signal and noise have different properties, thus an improved wavelet transform modulus maximum algorithm was...

Authors: Liang Liu, Yu Yi Zhai, Wen Jie Lu, Huan Xin Luo, Yu Li

Abstract: In this paper, the speed control system controlled by motor speed was designed to control forward speed of underwater robot precisely. Based...

Authors: Xu Yang Cao, Xue Xia Liu, Zhi Yi Pan

Abstract: In order to improve the design efficiency of the crane and its parts to meet the fierce market competition, we developed rapid design system...

Authors: Lian Xing Hou, Meng Wei

Abstract: In this paper, a wavelength adaptive assignment scheme called CExF (collision-evaluated adaptive fit) has been proposed for Optical...

Authors: Suo Fei Zhao, Chao Sa, Na Yang

Abstract: This paper introduces an online system for detecting the strength of Laminated Veneer Lumber with vertical vibration methods. This system...

Authors: Jie Zhao, Liang Ma, Ji Hong Yan, Yong Sheng Gao

Abstract: An Omni-directional mobile manipulator with capability of zero-radius rotation is developed. Mechanism structure of the mobile platform and...


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