Manufacturing Science and Materials Engineering

Volumes 443-444

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Fang Wang, Xing Feng Guo

Abstract: The woven fabric with curved surfaces is a kind of single layer woven fabrics, which was produced to smoothly fit three-dimensional solids....

Authors: Bo Li, Ting Shan Zhang, Guang Ming Ding, Wei Yuan Wang, Yu Xiang

Abstract: Due to the complexity of sedimentary process of the strata, the distribution of porosity in clastic rock is not homogeneous but random. From...

Authors: Chun He Yu, Chao Zhang, Ying Bai, Chuan Huang

Abstract: A non-contact liquid level measuring system is designed based on image processing technology, and it consists of three parts: a COMS camera,...

Authors: Ying Zhao, Qiang Xue, Lei Liu, Bing Liang

Abstract: The simulation model for describing the transportation and transformation of landfill leachate pollutant in landfill, soil and underground...

Authors: Min Niu, Cui Bo Yu, Xiao Hua Zhang, Wen Yuan Ke

Abstract: In Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) communication systems, the pilot pollution in high-rise building area is an increasingly prominent...

Authors: Hua Wei Ji, Yong Qing Wen

Abstract: Piezoelectric actuator is being widely used in precision positioning technology for its high resolution of displacement, high stiffness and...

Authors: De Qiang Jiao, Li Li Pang, Yu Juan Teng

Abstract: Ultrasonic seniors and infrared sensors are utilized in the robot to range and locate. The precision of the whole system is often impaired....

Authors: Jun Shan Li, Fang Zhou Zhao, Ying Hong Zhu, Wei Yang

Abstract: An online AdaBoost based tracking algorithm in FLIR imagery is proposed, where tracking is formulated as a binary classification problem....

Authors: Ya Jun Li, Fei Qi Deng, Yun Jian Peng

Abstract: The problem of non-fragile memoryless controller design for a class of uncertain nonlinear stochastic system with time-delay is considered....

Authors: Xu Dong Wang, Xuan Ling

Abstract: Aiming at obtaining lantern shape litchi flesh, a pitting machine was devised and made. Cutter shaft is one of the most important part of...


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