Manufacturing Science and Materials Engineering

Volumes 443-444

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Ming Zhang, Xi Chen Yang

Abstract: FANUC industrial robots are used more and more widely. However, robots’ communicant protocol and interface are different and unopened. Robot...

Authors: Hong Fei Zhang, Xiao Jun Cheng, Yin Tao Shi

Abstract: Taking a certain history building as an example, we introduce a real 3D digital method for Large-Scale history building using 3D laser...

Authors: Fu Cheng You, Yu Jie Chen

Abstract: Detection of quality is a necessary procedure in the processing of machining punched sheets. It includes detection of the size of the holes...

Authors: Kai Xian Liu

Abstract: EDFA is an important component in WDM optical communication systems. But the uneven characteristic will lead to reduced effective...

Authors: Xuan Hong Jin, Zheng Yang Zhou, Ran Xu

Abstract: This paper introduces an acquiring and processing system of a new type of optical spectrometer based on vision technology. It mainly...

Authors: Jun Wang, Shu Han, You Tong Zhang

Abstract: To broaden the application range of hardware in loop simulation for electronic controlled unit, study on model simulation of electronic unit...

Authors: Ya Dong Fang, Wen Ke Xue, Bo Sun

Abstract: With more and more applications of advanced manufacturing mode in enterprise, computer aided parameter design will become increasingly...

Authors: Hua Ping Yao, Huang Ping, Yang Zhi Chen

Abstract: The dynamic response of the slider to external interference is analyzed through solving eqations simultaneously of the momentum equations...

Authors: Fei Li, Jin Xu, Zheng Li

Abstract: . SAT problem is one of important NP-complete problems with widespread application. In this paper, a new DNA computing model based on...

Authors: Zhi Xiang Li, Jing Zheng

Abstract: This paper introduces a kind of multi-function nursing bed control system which has won Chinese invention patent. This system takes AT89C51...


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