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Authors: De Guang Li, Shu Qin Liu
Abstract: Analysis of the magnetic bearing rotor vibration is the base of the optimizing design, supervise and diagnosis of the magnetic bearing. Harmonic wavelet package was used for the analysis of the vibration signal, and the 3 dimension time-frequency domain energy map was constructed, then the analysis of the rotor vibration became convenient. Via analysis of the time-frequency map, the vibration in each time and each frequency was obtained, and the supervise and the diagnosis of the rotor can be realized.
Authors: Rui Liu, Jun Zhou, Peng Li
Abstract: This document explains and demonstrates how to build a fault model of any component based on the simulator model. Function unit was considered as the minimum unit when building fault models. The fault model was defined as a uniform style. An example about the control actuator was illustrated. The fault model building method presented in this paper was easy to operate and was of universal appliance.
Authors: Chun Wang, De Ping Jiang, Jiu Hua Wang
Abstract: This paper connects the fractal theory with the mechanical fault diagnosis,discusses the basic concept of the fractal dimension,and makes the technique of the phase space reconstruction for deriving the correlation dimension. Research result indicates that the correlation dimension in fractal geometry can efficiently reflect the shock signal component that excited by fault in gear’s vibration signal, and describe the development state of gear’s fault. Therefore, it’s sensitive to initial fault type of complicated mechanical system by using correlation dimensions in fractal theory to analyze.
Authors: Jian Rong Yang, Zuo Xiong Zheng, He Xian Su, Zheng Cong Lai
Abstract: A load test on a multi-girder concrete bridge of 30m Span having a non-composite deck slab is described. The bridge was designed to have eight simple supported spans, each consisting of a cross section with six RC T beam. Through analyzing the static and dynamic character of bridge structures, calculating efficiency ratio of load test, picking up the results of observation points, it was determined that the girders were acting non-compositely with the concrete deck and that significant restraint was being developed at the bearing supports. Modal analysis and identification ascertain the characteristic properties of bridges from their response. The damage in bridges may be reflected in the changes of their natural frequencies or modes of natural vibration.
Authors: Ji Xin Liu, Feng Ju Hu, Ji Dai Wang, Yuan Yuan Xu
Abstract: In the process of the coal technology development, anchor installation speed is one of the main factors that affect the rapid excavation. The anchor cable automatic mounting vehicle, which is developed on the basis of this, is a set of borehole, anchor installation, fastening, tensioning and other operations. It effectively improve the efficiency of anchor cable supporting. This paper mainly introduces the working principle, the main structure design and functional characteristics.
Authors: Jin Li
Abstract: MMT had been used widely as an antiknock additive in petrol. It can enhancing the vehicles dynamic performance and reduces fuel consumption, but causes some negative impact on vehicle emissions. In this paper, the author research on the emission performance of a vehicle which meet Stage IV emission standard use gasoline containing MMT run for 50,000km.The test results show emission pollution such as CO, HC and NOx increased by MMT which result in three-way catalytic converter deterioration quickly. MMT also made the oxygen sensor deterioration and cause high NOx emission.
Authors: Jie Liu, Fang Xia Hu
Abstract: A networking and intelligent online monitoring and fault diagnosis system for large-scale rotating machinery is developed according to requirements of an iron & steel enterprise. On the aspect of networking, a mixed structure of C/S and B/S is adopted, and the system integrates local online monitoring and diagnosis, remote monitoring and diagnosis, and remote diagnosis center. On the aspect of intelligent diagnosis, a multi-symptom comprehensive parallel diagnosis technology is adopted based on expert system, neural network and fuzzy logic. Finally, main functional modules and its realization are introduced. Application shows that the system runs normally, and the expected objective is achieved.
Authors: Qiang Zhao
Abstract: In the sight of friction hoist machine transmission characteristics, analysis of the possibility of friction hoist machine sliding ropes phenomenon, sliding ropes phenomenon can be divided into safety slide and dangerous slide two states. In order to avoid the occurrence of the friction hoist machine container overwind, overfall major accident caused by steel wire ropes dangerous slide, using two encoders to sample the speed of friction hoist machine wheel and the actual speed of steel wire ropes, concluding and analyzing the sliding ropes state of friction machine, according to the hoist container position and sliding ropes trend when the steel wire ropes of friction hoist machine start to slide, determining the dangerous state of sliding ropes. Designed the sliding ropes hydraulic brake device, with the adjustable sliding ropes brake torque and fast dynamic response control function, preventing the hoist container overwind, overfall major accident, as the same time, minimizing the machinery injury to the steel wire ropes when the sliding ropes are braked, realizing flexible sliding ropes brake.
Authors: Bo Gao, Min Guan Yang, Xin Kai Sun, Ning Zhang
Abstract: In order to design a mechanical pump that can satisfy the special requirements of the LBE test loop, structural and hydraulic design ideas were discussed in this paper. A new vertical centrifugal submerged pump was proposed, including installation and hydraulic model. Based on the provided parameter, hydraulic design of the pump has been done by CFD method. Velocity caused erosion problem was considered primarily in the design process. It is helpful for the future design of pumps in various loops and ADS.
Authors: Ke Tao, Xing Liu
Abstract: The working space and the end-effector pose of the two degrees of freedom mobile swing type manipulator are analyzed, through homogeneous coordinate transformation to establish the transformation relationship between operating space coordinate and each joint space coordinate, derived the end-effector pose matrix , using the inverse transformation method to seek motion reverse solution. Application of linear interpolation theory, doing trajectory planning for arbitrary movement path, show manipulator in its working space can realize arbitrary trajectory.

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