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Authors: Xue Chuan Wang, Li Wang
Abstract: Phosphorylation for the first generation product of hyperbranched polymer with terminal hydroxyl (HPAE1) was carried out to synthesize a type of P-N intumescent flame retardant (HPAE1-P), with phosphorus pentoxide and phosphoric acid as phosphorylating agent. HPAE1-P was used in waterborne polyurethane MWU-T-502B-30, and then they were tested the properties of the emulsion, such as the stability, LOI, smoke density and vertical combustion performance. The results showed that the compatibility of this flame retardant agent and waterborne polyurethane MWU-T-502B-30 was very good, and this flame retardant agent could effectively improve the polyurethane flame retardant property.
Authors: Xiao Hui Yang, Guo Min Xiao, Zhi Min Wang, Yong Hong Zhou, Guo Dong Feng
Abstract: 4-Aryl-hexahydroquinolines prepared by Hantzsch reaction from aromatic aldehydes obtained from lignin had been proved to be excellent antioxidant property. In view of polyhydroquinoline containing similarities in structure to the biologically important compound, 1,4-dihydropyridine, their antihypertensive activities were herein determined in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRs) during different time. The results show that those compounds possessing excellent antioxidant activity exhibit good antihypertensive property, and the compound containing syringyl moiety exhibit better antihypertensive activity than that containing guaiacyl moiety. This study suggests that those compounds may serve as promising agents for cure hypertension and free radical-related diseases.
Authors: Chuan Bing Zhou, Ze Ping Xu, Wen Juan Feng, Xin Qing Zhang
Abstract: It has been investigated that the application of the enzymolysis and membrane technology in the extraction and purification of glucan from Grifola frondosa. The fruitbody of Grifola frondosa was been used to extract polysaccharides. Compared the yield, protein content and polysaccharide content in the extracts under 3 different process modes, it was found that the procedure processed by complex enzyme was better than the others. Microfiltrated with membrane of 0.2μm aperture and then ultrafiltrated with membrane with molecular weight cutoff of 1000 Dalton, it had glucan retained rate of 80.42% and protein removed rate of 88.27%. GCP experiment indicated that the glucan get from the procedure was a homogeneous polysaccharide with weight average molecular weight of 130355 Dalton. The index of molecular weight distribution was 1.1844. The desalination rate was increased by adding water to the concentrate while ultrafiltration was in progress. When the quantity of water added was 1.5 times of the concentrate volume, it had effective desalination effect with the ash content of 3.79% in final product.
Authors: Ai Nong Yu, Xing Zhi Yang
Abstract: The essential oil of fresh wild Syringa pubescens flowers from China was obtained by hydrodistillation and identified by GC–MS. Altogether 49 components, mostly terpenoids and benzene derivatives, were identified. Many compounds are responsible for flowery or flowery-like aroma, such as benzyl alcohol, benzene acetaldehyde, cis-linalool oxide (furan), linalool, phenylethyl alcohol, α-terpineol, myrtenol, cis-geraniol, p-vinylguaiacol, eugenol, trans-nerolidol, etc. The predominant volatile compound in fresh wild Syringa pubescens flowers was furfural, followed by phenylethyl alcohol, carveol, borneol, eugenol, linalool, 2-propenylbenzoate, camphor, 4-terpineol, α-terpineol, benzaldehyde, trans-nerolidol, α-cadinol, thujone and benzyl alcohol. These results suggest that essential oil of fresh wild Syringa pubescens flowers has important flowery or flowery-like aroma properties and may be useful as a natural flavor to replace synthetic flavor.
Authors: Chun Lang Yeh
Abstract: Performance of a CO boiler has a detrimental influence on the operation and production of related industries. In this paper, the reacting flow in a Carbon Monoxide boiler is investigated. The influence of insertion of an ellipsoidal cone is discussed. It is found that insertion of an ellipsoidal cone can lower the temperature in the DeNOx section. There is a larger skin friction coefficient with a larger ellipsoidal cone angle. It is also found that NOx formation in the DeNOx section can be alleviated by insertion of an ellipsoidal cone.
Authors: Lei Zhang, Shu Xian Meng, Ya Qing Feng, Bao Zhang, Zhe Xu
Abstract: Continuous synthesis of pyridine with (MoO3-NiO) / Al2O3 has been developed. The doped NiO improved the dispersion of the MoO3 particles and forms the new phase NiMoO4 so that the Mo+6 particles were retained as the active sites. NiO also was found to have a great effect on the catalyst acidity. The reaction parameters were optimized and pyridine was obtained in a yield of 86.19%.
Authors: Shao Hua Chen, Yu Bin Jiao, Xiao Na Zhang, Yin Yin Su, Run Ping Han
Abstract: The research was designed to test the properties of Iron-Oxide-Coated-Zeolite (IOCZ) for adsorption of methyl orange (MO) from synthetic solutions. Contact time and equilibrium MO concentration were adopted to study their effects on MO adsorption. The results showed that adsorbent quantity of MO onto IOCZ increased with the equilibrium concentration increasing. The equilibrium data was fitted better by Freundlich model. The thermodynamic parameters (ΔG0, ΔH0, and ΔS0) were also determined from the temperature dependence. The results showed that the process of adsorption MO was spontaneous and endothermic process and an increase in temperature favored the adsorption.
Authors: Tao Zeng, Shao Bei Liu, Wei Yang
Abstract: The progress of identification method of flow pattern is introduced, for gas-solid fluidized bed an example. These methods are not only able to identify the flow pattern, but also able to analyze the characteristics of every flow pattern and mechanism in transition. Furthermore the application of every method and the future work are presented.
Authors: Quan Li Feng, Yu Jia, Jian Chuan Yu, Ling Yang, Ping Ning
Abstract: Analytical Heterogeneous Extended Langmuir (AHEL) model is explicit and computationally simple for predicting gas mixture adsorption based on parameters of pure component isotherm. An example of ethane and ethylene adsorption on molecular sieve revels that the prediction of gas mixture adsorption is related to the parameters of the maximum adsorption energies for different pure gas. The parameters are not required to be the same. But their significant difference generates big deviation in prediction of mixed gas adsorption for the system studied in this work., even though they agree well with experimental data for single component adsorption and the saturation amount adsorbed of individual component is nearly the same.

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