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Authors: Lu Hua Chen
Abstract: The study focuses on the problem of risk analysis of vehicle engines’ failure. Based on investigation and analysis of vehicle engine, an index system which is suitable for analyzing vehicle engines’ failure is established. And a much perfect technique ANP_FE is introduced into the risk analyzing of vehicle engines’ failure. It has been found that this index system and analyzing technique has a good adaptability, the result could be used as a theoretical proof for the production and improvement. The theory, system, thinking and method could be used as a reference to the similar product.
Authors: Chi Yun Zhao, Hua Li, Li Yun Li
Abstract: The nonlinear behavior of the full scale test of the composite joint between steel reinforced concrete beam and concrete filled steel tubular column under low cyclic reversed loading are simulated by using finite element software ANSYS. A separated model was used, element concrete solid 65, element shell 181 and element link 8 were used to model concrete material, steel members and steel bars respectively. The numerical analysis results are compared with the data of the experimental research. The advantages and shortcoming of the finite element model are given. A better numerical simulation method and a use for reference to the similar case are expected to be afforded.
Authors: De Zhen Feng, Hao Feng Luan, Ran Zhao
Abstract: The modular mechanical water treatment plant is a kind of new technology in present. The new technology has changed the work way of conventional water plants and got very wide use in practice. According to characteristics of the modular mechanical water treatment equipment, the paper analyzed the strength of the main mechanical structure, compared the stress and deformation, presented the stress and strain cloud picture. Finally, the paper combined theory with practice and improved and optimized the design plan.
Authors: Rui Jing, Yong Sheng Zhang
Abstract: With the help of large general finite element analysis software ANSYS, under different parameters, this paper will have a finite element analysis of bearing capacity on circular steel tube compile short column filled with steel reinforced concrete(STCSRC).In the paper,it uses separate models to calculate and analyze.Considering the nonlinear constitutive relation of steel and concrete and determining the type of unit,it is shown that stress distribution and load-displacement curve of specimen under the effect of different parameters.According to the curve and data,analysis results of bearing capacity of specimen have been shown that bearing capacity of STCSRC will increase with concrete strength increasing and it also will increase with steel rate increasing under axial load.Because of core concrete working together with steel tube and angle steel,it can significantly improve the bearing capacity of composite columns, slow down and inhibit shearing inclined cracks occur in the core concrete and develop,and improve the ductility of columns.
Authors: Guo Sheng Wang, Jing Ping Si, You Yu Chen, Li Na Guo, Yu Nan Zhao
Abstract: The force on dump truck body is telatively complicated, and different unloading working conditions will have effects on the body structure of dump truck. This paper made a modal analysis and feature buckling analysis of the body structure of dump truck under the unloading situation, and also made a nonlinear analysis under the certain circumstances. Through the ANSYS analysis, the body vibration frequency and buckling modal shape was calculated and figured out, and the design of dump truck body was optimized in order to make sure that the stiffness and stability meet the needs.
Authors: Yu Xu, Mei Huang, Juan Ma
Abstract: In this paper, in order to get the modal characteristics of the hollow cylinder more accurately and extensively, the influence of spin-softening ,coriolis and prestress effects on the critical speed of a hollow cylinder, is investigated using a finite element modal. The QR damped algorithm of ANSYS has been applied to extract the modal frequency bands.
Authors: Bao Qin Zhang, Jian Xia He, Yun Fang Qiao
Abstract: The problem of the modeling connection of different units is encountered in engineering practice. Its reasonable proposals are that the modeling is discrete into the respective discrete three-dimensional solid elements for calculation. But different types of units’ degrees of freedom are not discontinuity,it will lead to significant deviation of calculated results and the actual. In the paper, the methods and characteristics of SOLID-SHELL unit with the application of ANSYS constraint equations method and the MPC law are discussed, and compared the shell - solid element with the whole solid element modeling combined the results, it draw a conclusion that MPC law is advantage in modeling of three-dimensional solid element and shell element.
Authors: Hong Wang, Yue Jin Shang, Wan Xuan Liu
Abstract: The using zhuan 8G (zhuan 8AG) bogie in existing line whether can achieve the requirement of speed increased to 120 km/h, and what improvements and research became the railway sector need to face and solve importantly. Based on the experiment standard of new production and strengthened project, fatigue strength performance is studied on type zhuan 8G (zhuan 8AG) side frame used for some years when speed increases to 120 km/h. The static stress examination shows that the static strength of side frame is related to its structural design while has nothing to do with its using life. The fatigue test research indicates that the total state of used side frame is comparatively good, and the foreground used for 120 km/h is optimistic; and find that the corner of pile cap lower part(C position) is the weak site of side frame fatigue failure, the reason is closely related to the surface defect of this site. The recommendation is improving the quality requirements of this part of the side frame manufacturing technology and quality controlling document to eliminate the hidden dangers of fatigue source. Conclusions and suggestions may be referred to when competent departments make relevant decision, and offer contrast for relevant calculation study.
Authors: Xiu Yan Zhang, Shu Jing Dong
Abstract: Use the input axis of the four ring-plate-type pin-cycloid double crank gear planetary drive as the research object, the natural frequency of the input axis is calculated in the transfer matrix method, using ANSYS software analyze modal of the input axis, the theoretical calculation and the finite element analysis mutual authentication, Find the vibration system which affect the modal position large.
Authors: Xiang Mao Huang, Xue Mei Cao
Abstract: For the phenomenon that the transmission performance of primary-type drive in low drive ratio planar double enveloping worm pair is bad,we put forward a modified way to planar double enveloping worm pair ,which is base on the curvity modification principle of enveloped toroidal worm. The results show that if the modified parameter to conform to the curvity modification principle of enveloped toroidal worm,it will get a good modified result and the transmission performance was improved.

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