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Authors: Ke Li, Ning Zhou, Lei Wang, Qian He, Hui Quan Zou, Wei Huang
Abstract: In order to solve the electricity bill pay points siting problem for electric power corporation, this paper proposes a hybrid model to optimize the siting of pay points and improve customers’ satisfaction. Different from traditional methods, customer density, queueing time and satisfaction degree, transportation and other factors are all taken into consideration in this model. Finally, a “10-minute electricity bill pay network” is constructed in Zhengdong new district with the application of the model proposed by this paper.
Authors: Jing Ma, Jun Zhao, Yu Ling Zhao
Abstract: A building structure is analyzed using finite element method. The stresses and strains of the structure are calculated numerically, when the foundation subsides unevenly. Thus, the effect of the sedimentation is evaluated. The results can be referenced in the evaluation of building structures.
Authors: Mei Ling Wu, Cheng Hui Liang, Liang Wang
Abstract: In order to implement the information flow and verification process in collaborative modeling for prefecture-county integrated system based on workflow, the workflow engine is embedded in the system. On the base of the Workflow Management Coalition Specification and Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), the paper describes the way to implement the workflow engine, interface service between the engine and CORBA middleware, and the automation of the verification process in the prefecture-county integrated system.
Authors: Run Sheng Tang, Nian Yong Liu
Abstract: In this work, shading effect and optimal tilt-angle of collectors in an array was investigated based on the mathematical method developed. Results show that the distance between collectors in two adjacent raws (D) has a significant effect on the annual collectible radiation, and the ratio of top vertical height of collectors (H) measuring from the ground to D should be larger than tan(23.45+). Results also indicate that, the optimal tilt angle of collectors is related to site latitude (), climatic conditions in sites, reflectivity of the ground () as well its position in the collector array, for the case of = 0.2, the optimal tilt-angle of south-facing collectors in the first raw, opt,1, is close to the site latitude for most of areas in China except areas with poor solar resources, and the optimal tilt-angle of collectors in other place is about 4-5o lower than opt,1; whereas for the case of =0, the optimal tilt-angle of all collectors in the array is almost identical and about 7-8o lower than the site latitude for most areas in China.
Authors: Quan Quan, Wan Luo, Bing Shen, Gao Feng Zhang, Li Yuan Dong
Abstract: Increasing impermeable surface area has become a serious burden for drainage of urban stormwater. It is thus important to know how much surface runoff may be generated by storms of varying intensity and duration, especially on a continual daily basis. In this paper, the field hydrology model-DRAINMOD was used to simulate daily surface runoff under different surface condition in Xi’an, China. As a major hydrological components in DRAINMOD, daily evapotranspirations were calculated with the FAO Penman-Monteith method and read into the model. Infiltration parameters were considered as calibration factors in the modeling process. Available data from a local rainfall-runoff experiment were used for model calibration by matching the model predicted surface runoff with the measured values on an event basis. The calibrated model was then used for long term simulations in order to examine the impact of varying climatic conditions and land cover on urban runoff. The modeling results may provide a practical guidance for city storm water management.
Authors: Ehsan Ahmad, Yun Wei Dong, Bin Gu
Abstract: The main object of this study is to systematically review existing research on energy efficiency of embedded systems in order to identify investigated aspects and needs for future research. We have conducted a systematic mapping study of the state-of-the-art on energy efficiency of embedded systems. 186 papers have been identified as primary studies from year 1994 to 2011 and classified by research focus, research type, and contribution type. 71% of the research papers are solutions proposals; power estimation is the most investigated aspect in terms of research focus (34%) and majority of the studies contributed in terms of methods.
Authors: Bo Huang
Abstract: In the distributed satellite SAR system, satellite attitude change bring on baseline error between physical baseline and effective baseline and echo phase error. If the errors aren’t corrected, it may induce velocity-measure error. In this paper, we first respectively analyze the Influence of the satellite attitude to effective baseline and velocity-measure precision, and build the corrected model of baseline. Then we also analyze the synthetical Influence of that. The simulation results show that the validity and the necessary of the corrected model of baseline, and it is presented that the correctional curves of the baseline error and the velocity-measure error.
Authors: Jin Zhu Men, Qun E, Hong Jun Wang
Abstract: According to the characteristics of anti-ship missile penetration with active jammer fixed in the missile, maths models, which reflect the blanket effective area of active jammer fixed in the missile to shipborne radars, are built based on logical model index. Furthermore, the rationality of the method are proved by calculating and analyzing under the condition of reasonable assumed tactics and parameters. The study provides theoretic reference value to evaluate the operational efficiency of active jammer fixed in the missile and improve the anti-ship missile penetration capability.
Authors: Xiao Long Zhao
Abstract: The experimental data show that Southeast China Sea has a higher occurrence probability of atmospheric duct. Based on modified refractivity, Neural Network was introduced to predict the duct height of evaporation duct and analyze the anomalous propagation of electromagnetic wave in marine evaporation duct. By Neural Network, Refractivity from Clutter (RFC) is used to predict and forecast the refractive index profile of evaporation duct.
Authors: Fei Zhang, Jin Gui Wan
Abstract: Design of a future personal transport, body adopts the streamline design, aerodynamic. Small volume light weight, less fuel to obtain higher power output, to do as much as possible to protect the environment, and the various techniques can be easily transplanted to the current various traffic tools, realizing energy saving and emission reduction in the ultimate aim of protect environment.

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