Functionalized and Sensing Materials

Volumes 93-94

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Supakij Suttiruengwong, P. Puathawee, M. Chareonpanich

Abstract: The aim of this work was to prepare mesoporous silicas derived from rice husk ash (RHA) using three different depolymerizing agents;...

Authors: Pipat Chuamuangphan, C. Chuamuangphan, Kamchai Treechairusme

Abstract: The effect of the magnetic properties of YBCO superconductors on the inductance of coil were studied in order to the dependence on...

Authors: Varatus Vongsurakrai, Saiyavit Varavinit

Abstract: Spray dried rice starch (SDRS ) (Era-Tab ®)was prepared by spray drying of rice starch at a suitable condition. Scanning electron microscope...

Authors: Varatus Vongsurakrai, Saiyavit Varavinit

Abstract: Pregelatinized rice starch (Era-Gel ® ) was prepared by physical modification. The degree of pregelatinization was controlled to an...

Authors: Varatus Vongsurakrai, Saiyavit Varavinit

Abstract: Starch-colloidal silicon dioxide mixtures (Era-Tab SP® ) was prepared by co-spray drying and dry mixing methods and the flow ability and...

Authors: Varatus Vongsurakrai, Saiyavit Varavinit

Abstract: Steady-shear rheological properties, including the consistency index from the power law, the yield stress and Casson plastic viscosity from...

Authors: Chaloempol Saributr, Wanichaya Makprasat, Pitiporn Thanomngam, Wisanu Pecharapa

Abstract: Structural properties of hybrid nanocomposites based on TiO2 nanostructures and Copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) were investigated. The...

Authors: Pusit Pookmanee, Issara Attaveerapat, Jiraporn Kittikul, Sukon Phanichphant

Abstract: Zinc oxide powder was prepared by a chemical co-precipitation method. Zinc nitrate and ammonium hydroxide were used as the starting...

Authors: H. Esfahani, Ali Nemati, E. Salahi

Abstract: Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) Nanocomposites were prepared using Nano sized Zirconia (ZrO2) powders doped with 3% mol of yttria (Y2O3)...

Authors: Boonchoat Paosawatyanyong, A. Muakngam, S. Thitianan

Abstract: A Radio Frequency Inductively Couple Plasma Reactor (RFICP) was designed and set up for DLC deposition onto aluminum substrates using CH4-H2...


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