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Authors: Akiyuki Takahashi, Naoki Soneda, A. Nomoto, G. Yagawa
Abstract:This paper describes dislocation dynamics simulation of grain boundary effects on yield behavior of metals, such as α-Fe bcc metal. Since the...
Authors: Akira Shinozaki, Masaki Omiya, Hisahiro Inoue, Kikuo Kishimoto
Abstract:The mechanical properties of polymers are strongly influenced by meso-scale structure such as entanglement, orientation, folded chain, etc....
Authors: M.L.L. Wijerathne, Kenji Oguni, Muneo Hori
Abstract:A new nondestructive method for identifying boundary conditions applied on a 3D linear elastic body is developed based on the load...
Authors: Kai Wang, Xi De Li
Abstract:Quantitative nondestructive testing (QNDT) is required for the in-service inspection of high-cost structures whose failure could lead tragic...
Authors: T. Noguchi, Kenji Amaya, Shigeru Aoki
Authors: Gabriela Maria Atanasiu
Abstract:Damage evaluation of constructions, subjected to earthquakes is an issue focused by many researchers, being a complicated matter. It is based...
Authors: Yun Hae Kim, J.D. Kim, V.A. Shuripa, Cheolmun Yim, Tae Gyu Park
Abstract:Decreasing of wind turbine blade weight by using honeycomb sandwich collides with strength lack of the honeycomb facets at the high loaded...
Authors: Ki Sung Kim, Kyung Su Kim, Hyoung Jin Park
Abstract:Grillage is common types of structures in marine and land-based structural system. Grillage system that increases the stiffness of plate...
Authors: Young Jae Park, Sang Min Lee, H.S. Yim, Jae Boong Choi, Young Jin Kim, E.C. Roh, B.I. Lee
Abstract:In this paper, a knowledge-based information system for the plant operation of steel making company has been proposed. The system, which is...
Authors: Chul Kim, Jong Heun Lee, J.H. Kim, Hoon Sang Choi
Abstract:The optimal stacking sequence and wall thickness of the composite strut tubes were determined to minimize thermal strains during orbital...
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