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Authors: Ouk Sub Lee, Jang Sik Pyun, Si Won Hwang, Kyoo Sung Cho
Abstract:This paper presents the effect of boundary conditions of various failure pressure models published for the estimation of failure pressure....
Authors: Tae Hee Lee, J.J. Jung
Abstract:Nonlinear analysis of anisotropic structures is described by using Hill's yield criterion that anisotropic yield contour is assumed to be...
Authors: Jing Xi Chen, Guang Zhang, Bin Hu
Abstract:This present paper, taking a large-scale underwater power station in China as background engineering works, carries out sensitivity analyses...
Authors: Sung Gyu Jung, Chang Soon Lee, In Gyu Park, Se Hwan Lee, Tae Eun Jin
Abstract:In-service inspections (ISI) of pipes in the nuclear power plants are currently performed based on mandated requirements in the ASME Section...
Authors: Seok Yoon Han
Abstract:Shape optimization a cantilevered beam in mixed mode for prolonging fatigue life was accomplished by the linear elastic fracture mechanics...
Authors: Seok Yoon Han, S.S. Bae, S.J. Jung
Abstract:The growth-strain method was applied to cutout optimization in laminated composite plates. Since the growth-strain method optimizes a shape...
Authors: Seok Yoon Han, J.Y. Park, Y.J. Ma
Abstract:Stress control of the growth-strain method was applied to shape optimization of multiple cutouts in laminated composite plates. Since the...
Authors: Vladimír Číhal, Rudolf Štefec, Tetsuo Shoji, Yutaka Watanabe, Vivenakand Kain
Abstract:The EPR test, designed to examine of the susceptibility to nonuniform, primarily intergranular corrosion, ranks among the more successful...
Authors: Eckhardt Schneider, D. Cioclov
Abstract:Using computer simulations the influence of different standard deviations of the yield strength, ultimate tensile strength and of Kc values...
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