Advances in Fracture and Failure Prevention

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: B. Gomez, Yukio Miyashita, Yoshiharu Mutoh, M. Takahashi

Abstract: The crack propagation along the bond coat / topcoat interface of a TBC system has been studied in a previous work under a certain mode ratio...

Authors: Cheng Wei Li, Masahiko Kato, Keijiro Nakasa

Abstract: Decarburization treatment was carried out on SKD5 tool steel by heating at 1323K for maximum 5.4ks and quenching followed by tempering at...

Authors: Hiroyuki Waki, Izuru Nishikawa, K. Ogura

Abstract: A surface strain measurement approach to understanding of delamination processes of thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) under heat cycle...

Authors: Somsak Leungvichcharoen, Anil C. Wijeyewickrema

Abstract: In this analysis, the effect of an imperfect interface on the stress singularity of an orthotropic elastic bimaterial wedge subjected to...

Authors: Zheng Hua Qian, Feng Jin, Zi Kun Wang, Kikuo Kishimoto

Abstract: Following the advances in structural applications, composite structures are being used commonly in transducer applications to improve...

Authors: Shu Hong Liu, Z.Z. Zou, B.Q. Xu, Z.G. Zhang

Abstract: The problem of an interface edge crack between two dissimilar piezoelectric materials is analyzed under the conditions of anti-plane shear...

Authors: Wen Jie Feng, Zhi Wen Zou, R.K.L. Su, Z.Z. Zou

Abstract: The linear piezoelectricity theory is applied to investigate the dynamic response of coplanar interface cracks between two dissimilar...

Authors: Masaki Omiya, Hisahiro Inoue, Kikuo Kishimoto

Abstract: Multi-layer thin films are widely used in micro-sensor and microelectronics products. These electronic devices contain several metal or...

Authors: Meng Kao Yeh, C.Y. Tsai

Abstract: The material properties of underfill and substrate in flip chip package have temperature-dependent and moisture-sensitive characteristics....

Authors: Woon Tahk Sung, Hyung Taek Lim, Tae Sam Kang, Jang Gyu Lee, Young Jae Lee

Abstract: This paper presents a design and performance tests of in-plane gimbal-structured Z-axis gyroscope. The device is manufactured by...


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