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Authors: Myung Hee Jung, Eui Jung Yun
Abstract:This work investigates ultra-small size, high-performance, solenoid-type RF chip inductors for wireless communication system application. The...
Authors: Myung Hee Jung, Eui Jung Yun, Sy Woo Byun
Abstract:Markov Random Field (MRF) models have been successfully utilized in many digital image processing problems such as texture modeling and...
Authors: Sun Hwa Hahn, Sung Bae Choi, Hyun Kyoo Choi
Abstract:In the era of global competition, international competitiveness depends greatly on the prompt provision of overseas information. In the...
Authors: Hoon Ja Lee, Tae Jin Ahn
Abstract:The efficient management of the agricultural reservoir may well supply stable water for irrigation. In this article, time series analysis has...
Authors: Won Bae Park, Eun Ju Ryu, Young Jun Song, Jae Hyeong Ahn
Abstract:In this paper, we propose a new visual feature extraction method for content-based image retrieval (CBIR) based on wavelet transform which...
Authors: Yoo Joo Choi, Min Jeong Kim, Ji Young Park, Joo Young Park, Hyun Joo Yun, Seung Bong Hong, Myoung Hee Kim
Abstract:The correlations between the anatomical shape of brain subsystems and brain diseases have been widely researched in order to diagnose and...
Authors: Hyang Sook Kim, Young Mi Kim
Abstract:In this paper, we give examples of three models created for use in teaching university mathematics courses. We estimate the area of a figure...
Authors: Jong Hyen Seo, Seon Ah Roh
Abstract:This paper considers the problem of determining the optimal number of redundant units in redundant systems with random unit failures and...
Authors: Hyo Jung Lee, Geuk Lee, Young Mi Kwon
Abstract:Location Positioning is a major technology for ubiquitous computing. A research on Location Positioning using UWB is ongoing. In order to...
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