Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I

Volumes 321-323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Seung Yong Yang

Abstract: Three-dimensional cohesive zone model was used to simulate the fatigue crack growth of a weld specimen. Damage accumulation was accounted...

Authors: Kyung Su Kim, Ki Sung Kim, Kyung Ho Lee, Jung Min Kwon, Seong Mo Park, Nak Hoon Lee

Abstract: Low cycle fatigue cracks are mainly detected at discontinuous welded locations with high stresses under repeated cyclic static loads due to...

Authors: Tsutomu Ezumie, Kentaro Nishimura

Abstract: Fatigue and fractures such as blades and discs, which originate in the centrifugal force caused in the rotor, become factors that often...

Authors: Syuutei Sasaki, Tsutomu Ezumie

Abstract: The stress analysis of the double column made of the dissimilar material is not enough reported the problems about the interface of the...

Authors: Seung Hyun Baik, Kyu Sun Lee, Do Kyung Yoon, Young Ze Lee

Abstract: The tribological performance of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNT) in mineral oils is investigated at ambient temperature. The frictional...

Authors: Seung Kee Koh

Abstract: The theoretical residual stresses in the autofrettaged tube were calculated, considering Bauschinger effect caused by the reverse yielding...

Authors: Dae Kyu Park, Yong Tak Bae, Sung Jong Choi, Young Suck Chai, Jae Do Kwon

Abstract: The initial crack under fretting condition occurs at lower stress amplitude and at lower cycles of cyclic loading than that under plain...

Authors: Gee Wook Song, Bum Shin Kim, Jung Seob Hyun

Abstract: The operation mode of thermal power plants has been changed from the base load to duty cycle. From the changeover, fossil power plants...

Authors: Jae Soon Jang, Cheol Kim, Myoung Rae Cho, Won Ho Yang

Abstract: Cold expansion method retards the crack initiation due to the compressive residual stress developed on a hole surface. Most previous...

Authors: In Kyu Rhee, Hee Up Lee, Jun S. Lee, Woo Kim

Abstract: This study examines the performance of adhesive and cohesive interfacial crack model in assessing the brittle shear behavior of reinforced...


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