Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I

Volumes 321-323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Se Jin Park, Hyuna Ja Lee

Abstract: Therefore the objective of this study was to examine the differences of calf temperature by infrared thermal imager between on anti-fatigue...

Authors: Takahiko Otani

Abstract: Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by decreasing bone density, and is assessed by the bone mass density of cancellous bone. An X-ray...

Authors: Yasuyuki Morita, Kazuo Arakawa, Mitsugu Todo

Abstract: Thermal deformation behaviors of electronic packages, stacked-MCP (multi chip package) and SOJ (small outline J-leaded package) were...

Authors: M.H. Kim, Kyong Yop Rhee, Young Nam Paik, S.H. Ryu

Abstract: For a present study, the surfaces of graphite/epoxy prepregs were modified using plasma treatment to improve the delamination resistance...

Authors: Akira Todoroki, Kazuomi Omagari, Masahito Ueda

Abstract: For a cryogenic fuel tank of a next generation rocket, a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) laminated composite tank is one of the key...

Authors: Kil Sung Lee, In Young Yang

Abstract: The front-end side members of automobiles, such as the hat-shaped section member, absorb the most of the energy during the front-end...

Authors: In Young Yang, Kil Sung Lee, Cheon Seok Cha

Abstract: In this study, the impact collapse tests were performed to investigate collapse characteristics of Al/CFRP member which were composed of...

Authors: In Young Yang, Young Jea Cho, Young Nam Kim, Uk Heo, Sang Guk Park, Kwang Hee Im, Ji Hoon Kim, Jae Ki Sim

Abstract: Carbon fiber reinforced plastics, among the advanced composite material watched with keen interests today, is widely used as structural...

Authors: In Young Yang, Kwang Hee Im, David K. Hsu, Sung Jin Song, Hyeon Cho, Sun Kyu Kim, Young Hwan Seo, Je Woong Park

Abstract: Carbon/phenolic composite (CPC) materials are unique which consist of carbon fibers embedded in a carbon matrix. The CPCs are originally...

Authors: Young Sub Kweon, Kwang Hee Im, David K. Hsu, Dong Fei, Seung Woo Ra, Kil Sung Lee, Je Woong Park, Jae Ki Sim, In Young Yang

Abstract: A nondestructive technique would be very beneficial, which could be used to test the part before (uncured) and after curing CF/Epoxy. A new...


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