Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I

Volumes 321-323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jae Heon Lee, Seong Kyun Cheong, Jung Seok Kim, K.Y. Eum

Abstract: Recently, the use of composite material to railway vehicles is gradually increasing due to its light weight. The concept of light weight...

Authors: Jeong Guk Kim, Sung Tae Kwon, Won Kyung Kim

Abstract: Several nondestructive evaluation (NDE) techniques, including ultrasonic C-scan, X-ray computed tomography (CT), and infrared (IR)...

Authors: Cheol Woong Kim, Kwang Lae Kim, Won Pyung Lee, Sung Hyuk Lee, Seok Heo

Abstract: To analyze the stress distribution and the crack initiation due to the location of the defects, artificial defects were made on the...

Authors: Yoshinobu Shimamura, Keiko Oda, Akira Todoroki, Masahito Ueda

Abstract: Bolted joints are widely used for composite structures. As is well known, excessive bearing load gives rise to bearing failure at hole...

Authors: June Sung Joe, Hoon Cheol Park, Kwang Joon Yoon, Nam Seo Goo

Abstract: In this paper, a smart skin, i.e. a conformal load-bearing antenna structure, which is a multi-layer sandwich structure composed of...

Authors: Won Su Park, Sang Woo Choi, Joon Hyun Lee, Kyeong Cheol Seo, Joon Hyung Byun

Abstract: For improving quality of a carbon fiber reinforced composite material (CFRP) by preventing defects such as delamination and void, it should...

Authors: Y.P. Zheng, S Patil, Q. Wang

Abstract: Ultrasound techniques have recently been widely used for the characterization of articular cartilage (artC) in vitro and in vivo. The sound...

Authors: Dong Guk Paeng, Hyung Ham Kim, Sang Goo Lee, Sung Min Rhim, Min Joo Choi

Abstract: PMN-PT, a piezoelectric single crystal, has been known to be a better material for transducer arrays due to its high electromechanical...

Authors: Sung Jae Hwang, Hilton Kaplan, Gerald E. Loeb, Han Sung Kim, Young Ho Kim

Abstract: Pressure distributions on the buttocks and thighs by the functional electrical stimulation on the gluteus maximus, sartorius and hamstring...

Authors: Sung Jae Hwang, Hue Seok Choi, Kyung Tae Lee, Young Ho Kim

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to quantitatively evaluate foot motions in the normal and hallux valgus(HV) patients using a proposed...


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