Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I

Volumes 321-323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gi Young Park, C.K. Lee, Jung Taek Kim, K.C. Kwon, Sang J. Lee

Abstract: To monitor the wear and degradation on a pipe by corrosion during a plant operation, the vibration signals were measured by an...

Authors: Chung Hyo Kim, Tae Sik Kong, Young Jun Lee, Hee Dong Kim, Young Ho Ju

Abstract: H.264/AVC is adopted as a next generation moving picture compression standard. Context-based Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (CABAC) is...

Authors: J. Kim, P. Ramuhalli, L. Udpa, S. Udpa

Abstract: A key requirement in most ultrasonic weld inspection systems is the ability for rapid automated analysis to identify the type of flaw....

Authors: Ding Kang, Cao Dangdang, Li Weihua

Abstract: This paper proves that the energy centre of symmetric window function is the coordinate origin in discrete spectrum analysis. The...

Authors: Jin Ho Park, Yang Hann Kim

Abstract: A technique to localize an impact source for an elastic spherical shell is proposed. The conventional source localization techniques when...

Authors: Eisaku Umezaki, Yuuma Shinoda, Katsunori Futase

Abstract: The behavior of liquid in containers subjected to impact loads due to free fall was investigated using a visualization technique. Two types...

Authors: Pichet Pinit, Tobita Susumu, Eisaku Umezaki

Abstract: A three-step phase shifting approach for automatic determination of the isoclinic parameter in photoelasticity is presented. Unreliable...

Authors: Yun Koo Chung, Ki Hong Kim

Abstract: Many visual automatic inspection methods are used in the assembly line of vehicles for improving quality and reducing a production cost. In...

Authors: Hyun Cho, Sung Jin Song, Hak Joon Kim, Hee Jong Lee, Sung Nam Choi

Abstract: Ultrasonic C-scan inspections have been used in various industrial fields. Usually, conventional ultrasonic C-scan systems have several...

Authors: Jong Wan Seo, Myung Chul Shin

Abstract: A color space used to create color on a computer monitor or a television screen is RGB color space. However, RGB color space is strongly...


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