Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I

Volumes 321-323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Taku Shimomura, Akira Shimamoto

Abstract: Polymer materials are used in the structural members such as aircraft, ship, automobiles in order to enlarge and lighten the machinery and...

Authors: Tadashi Asahina, Insu Jeon, Kiyotaka Katou, Tsutomu Sonoda

Abstract: The cell-structure of highly porous aluminum material prepared by melt foaming technology was investigated under deformation with...

Authors: Jong Sub Lee, Gye Chun Cho, Eun Soo Hong

Abstract: An electrical needle-size probe is developed to effectively assess one-dimensional spatial variability of laboratory soil specimens in high...

Authors: Gye Chun Cho, Jong Sub Lee

Abstract: The purposes of this study are to analyze post liquefaction shear strength and to explore the potential use of wave-based techniques to...

Authors: Nguyen Duc Thanh, Gye Chun Cho, Young Jong Sim, Seok Won Lee

Abstract: This study proposes a tomography-based method for evaluating grouting performance after injection. Tomography is a convenient approach for...

Authors: Jun Su Choi, Hee Hwan Ryu, In Mo Lee, Gye Chun Cho

Abstract: Geophysical prospecting using electrical resistivity is one of the principal methods for subsurface exploration. However, the majority of...

Authors: Il Han Chang, Gye Chun Cho, Joo Gong Lee, Lee Hyung Kim

Abstract: Sedimentation is one of the most basic processes in the formation of a soil structure in nature. Many studies have been performed to...

Authors: Kee Joo Kim, Joo Sung Kim

Abstract: To fabricate the aluminum alloys with good drawability, the textures evolution of the AA5182 sheets after rolling and subsequent annealing...

Authors: Yoshimi Hatsukade, Shinya Okuno, Kazuaki Mori, Saburo Tanaka

Abstract: This study is aimed at developing an eddy-current-based SQUID-NDE system for in-situ inspection of micro flaws on thin copper heat...

Authors: Kwang Ki Lee, Kwang Soon Lee, Tae Won Kim

Abstract: Physical vapor deposition technique has been employed to develop a thin film of OLED, and atomic force microscopy was used to investigate...


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