Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I

Volumes 321-323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kil Sung Lee, Seung Hoon Kim, Han Ki Min, Young Nam Kim, Cheon Seok Cha, Ji Hoon Kim, Sang Hwa Jeong, In Young Yang

Abstract: In this research, we proposed nondestructive evaluation method of a flaw in an optical glass lens by resonant ultrasound spectroscopy...

Authors: Seung Kyu Park, Sung Hoon Baik, Chang Hwan Lim, Cheol Jung Kim, Young June Kang

Abstract: A laser-based ultrasonic inspection system is a non-contact scanning device with a high spatial resolution and a wide spectrum bandwidth....

Authors: Koichi Taniguchi, Satoshi Nishinoiri, Manabu Enoki, Koichi Tomita

Abstract: In recent years, a thermal barrier coating technology becomes more important because it is required to develop materials which avoid...

Authors: Jin Yi Lee, Ji Seong Hwang

Abstract: The magnetic camera using magnetic lens is proposed to satisfy the demands such as obtaining the distribution of the magnetic flux leakage...

Authors: Jin Yi Lee, Ji Seong Hwang, Tetsuo Shoji

Abstract: Magnetic-optical film (hereafter, MO film) is a bismuth-doped iron garnet film grown on a gadolinium gallium garnet substrate by liquid...

Authors: Hyun Jun Yoo, Jong Chel Kim, Arsen Babajayan, Song Hui Kim, Kie Jin Lee

Abstract: We observed the surface resistance of metal thin films by a nondestructive characterization method using a near-field scanning microwave...

Authors: Hyoung Kuk Park, Jea Hwa Hong, Chong Soo Lee

Abstract: Galvannealed steels are produced by reheating of Zinc-coated steels, in which the iron and the zinc are interdiffused to form Zn-Fe...

Authors: Jeon Hong Kang, Kwang Min Yu, Han Jun Kim, Je Cheon Ryu, Sang Ok Han

Abstract: As widely-used methods to measure metallic resistivities, Four-terminal method, van der Pauw method, Four-Point Probe(FPP) method and eddy...

Authors: Kwang Min Yu, Jeon Hong Kang, Han Jun Kim, Kwon Soo Han, Je Cheon Ryu

Abstract: Besides well-known destructive methods for material degradation, the electrical resistivity method has been used as one of nondestructive...

Authors: C.S. Kim, Dong Su Cho, Ik Keun Park

Abstract: We attempted to estimate the residual stress which evolved during the shot peening of Al 7075 alloy using leaky surface acoustic wave...


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