Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I

Volumes 321-323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sang Ha Shin, Hong Hee Yoo

Abstract: In a mechanical system that has periodically repeated subcomponents, premature failures or malfunctions often occur. Due to slight...

Authors: Dong Hwan Choi, Hong Hee Yoo

Abstract: The operation error of a robot that occurs inevitably due to the manufacturing tolerance needs to be controlled within a certain range to...

Authors: Bum Shin Kim, Jung Soo Ha, Gee Wook Song, Jung Seob Hyun, Woo Sung Choi

Abstract: As a number of aged fossil power plants recently increased, the precise life assessment of critical equipments gets to be important more...

Authors: Yong Moo Cheong, Young Suk Kim

Abstract: Zirconium alloys are used for many applications in nuclear components, such as the pressure tube material in a pressurized heavy water...

Authors: Jung Sun Park, Jong Bin Im, Youg Hee Ro, Soo Yong Lee

Abstract: This paper is focused on a probabilistic design of the honeycomb structure which is a constituent unit of satellite. The design is...

Authors: Ki Hong Shin, Young Sup Lee

Abstract: In-plane characteristics of a single degree of freedom frictional system with a compressed spring are considered. The compressed spring is...

Authors: Young Guk Kim, Seog Won Kim, Chan Kyoung Park, Kyoung Ho Moon, Tae Won Park

Abstract: Evaluation of the ride comfort for railway vehicles can be divided into two classes; the long-term evaluation of ride comfort and the...

Authors: Chan Kyoung Park, Ki Whan Kim, Jin Yong Mok, Young Guk Kim, Seog Won Kim

Abstract: The Korean High Speed Train (KHST) has been tested on the Kyongbu high speed line and the Honam conventional line since 2002. A data...

Authors: Ji Won Yoon, Kab Jin Jun, Tae Won Park

Abstract: Recently, the finite element absolute nodal coordinate formulation(ANCF) was developed for large deformation analysis of flexible bodies in...

Authors: Kab Jin Jun, Ji Won Yoon, Tae Won Park, Joong Kyung Park

Abstract: An Over Head Transportation (OHT) vehicle is used to transport large loads in a factory more efficiently. To maximize productivity, the...


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