Advanced Nondestructive Evaluation I

Volumes 321-323

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Hee Yoo, Sung Jin Eun

Abstract: Dynamic stability of axially accelerated beams is investigated in this paper. The equations of motion of a fixed-free beam undergoing...

Authors: Jeong Ho Park, Heung Jin Ju, Kwang Cheol Ko

Abstract: This paper presents experimental and simulation results of discharge in spherically convergent beam fusion device. The deuterium-deuterium...

Authors: Yoshiaki Kiyanagi, Takashi Kamiyama, Toshiyuki Nagata, F. Hiraga

Abstract: Neutron imaging using a pulsed neutron time-of-flight method can give an energy dependent transmission image, namely, spectroscopic image....

Authors: Young Soo Han, Eun Joo Shin, Baek Seok Seong, Chang Hee Lee, Duck Gun Park

Abstract: The irradiation induced defects of irradiated reactor pressure vessel(RPV) steel were investigated by a small angle neutron scattering. The...

Authors: U.Z. Ijaz, J.H. Kim, M.C. Kim, Sin Kim, J.W. Park, K.Y. Kim

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a dynamic Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT) image reconstruction algorithm based on the extended Kalman...

Authors: Jea Won Lee, In Seon Lee, Tae Won Kang, Dong Won Kim, Sang Ho Kim

Abstract: Adhesion of flexible copper clad laminates (FCCL) on two different types of polyimide (PI), sputtering raw polyimide (SRPI) and casting raw...

Authors: Byung Sun Kim, Dock Jin Lee, Ja Choon Koo, Jae Boong Choi, Young Jin Kim, Jong Nam Lee, Young Bee Chu

Abstract: As the TFT-LCDs are getting more attention for the next generation display device, specifications of the mechanical functionalities of the...

Authors: Hee Joon Kim, Se Woong Oh, Hiroyuki Noda, Ho Jung Chang, Lae Hyun Kim

Abstract: In this paper, nano-sized Al2O3 powders are synthesized by a thermal MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) combined with plasma....

Authors: Hee Joon Kim, Dong Young Jang, Prem Kumar Shishodia, Akira Yoshida

Abstract: In the paper, zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films are deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) at different substrate...

Authors: Mikio Noda, Masayoshi Umeno, Hee Joon Kim

Abstract: Optical emission spectra from plasma during deposition of diamond film were investigated by an optic multi-channel spectrometer using a CCD...


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