Bimodal Porous Bi-Phasic Calcium Phosphate Ceramics and Its Dissolution in SBF Solution


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Biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) ceramics, a mixture of hydroxyapatite (HAp) and beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP), of varying HAp/β-TCP ratios were prepared from fine powders. Porous BCP ceramic materials with HAp/β-TCP weight rations of 20/80, 40/60, and 80/20 were prepared. In this study, the bioactivity is reduced at a larger HAp content rate, which is likely related to the high driving pore for the formation of a new phase, and the reaction rate was proportional to the β-TCP. The porous BCP ceramics having a bigger porosity rate can easily under up dissolution. The powder having a larger β-TCP content rate can easily generate a new phase. The dissolution results confirmed that the biodegradation of calcium phosphate ceramics could be controlled by simply adjusting the amount of HAp or β-TCP in the ceramics and porosity rate.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 330-332)

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Xingdong Zhang, Xudong Li, Hongsong Fan, Xuanyong Liu




Y. Zhang et al., "Bimodal Porous Bi-Phasic Calcium Phosphate Ceramics and Its Dissolution in SBF Solution", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 330-332, pp. 91-94, 2007

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February 2007




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