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Authors: Xian Feng Jiang, Min Fang Han, Su Ping Peng
Abstract:The all processes for manufacturing materials parts of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) are discussed in the paper. The films are made in one...
Authors: Fang Lian, Zhong Bao Yu, Sheng Wen Zhong, Li Hua Xu, Qing Guo Liu
Abstract:AA size Li-ion batteries using LiCoO2, MCMB and lithium metal as cathode, anode and reference electrode respectively were assembled, in...
Authors: Cheol Jin Kim, In Sup Ahn, Kwon Koo Cho, Sung Gap Lee, Jun Ki Chung
Abstract:LiNiO2 thin films for the application of cathode of the rechargeable battery were fabricated by Li ion diffusion on the surface oxidized NiO...
Authors: Jun Biao Lu, Zi Long Tang, Shao Hua Luo, Zhong Tai Zhang
Authors: Jun Rong Li, Zi Long Tang, Shao Hua Luo, Jun Biao Lu, Zhong Tai Zhang
Abstract:Here the spinel Li4Ti5O12/C composites were prepared by a modified high temperature solid-state reaction. The as prepared Li4Ti5O12/C...
Authors: Xiang Ming He, Wei Hua Pu, Fang Hui Zhao, Jie Rong Ying, Chang Yin Jiang, Chun Rong Wan, Shi Chao Zhang
Abstract:Spherical LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 powders with particle size of 8~10μm were prepared based on controlled crystallization, and coated with Al2O3 by...
Authors: Hong Gang Sun, Heng Liu, Wei Liu, Ya Lan Luan
Abstract:The electroactive materials LiFePO4, Li0.98Mg0.01FePO4 and carbon-coated LiFePO4 were synthesized by an improved solid-state reaction and by...
Authors: Rong Yang, Xiao Ping Song, Xiu Fen Pang, Ming Shu Zhao, Fei Wang
Abstract:In this paper, homogeneous and well-crystallized LiFePO4 was synthesized by a novel modified solid-state reaction method following by heat...
Authors: Soo Kyeong Jeong, Nam Ju Jo
Abstract:Nanocomposite solid polymer electrolytes (NSPEs) based on poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) were prepared by dispersing organically modified...
Authors: Xiang Ming He, Wei Hua Pu, Jing Li Han, Yan Mei Yu, Chang Yin Jiang, Jian Chen, Chun Rong Wan
Abstract:Electrolyte of LiPF6-ethylene carbonate (EC)-methyl acetate (MA) was prepared. 1 M LiPF6-EC-MA electrolyte presented the conductivity in...
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