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Authors: Peng Yue Zhang, Zhang Lian Hong, Xian Ping Fan, Min Quan Wang
Abstract:Y1.97-xTi0.03CdxO2S (0≤x≤0.06) phosphors with long afterglow were synthesized by solid-state reaction. The photoluminescence spectra, decay...
Authors: C.X. Song, You Na Wu, Zhao Xian Xiong
Authors: Li Min Dong, Zhi Dong Han, Ze Wu, Xian You Zhang
Abstract:Green-emitting Y3Al5O12: Tb phosphor materials have been widely studied because of their high luminescence efficiency and stability under...
Authors: Bing Wang, Chuan Cang Zhou, Zhong Yuan Lu
Abstract:To gain nanometer SrAl2O4:Eu,Dy phosphors, uniform fine precursors of Eu and Dy ion doping strontium aluminate were prepared by...
Authors: Ping Zhang, Ming Xia Xu, Jin Wei Zhao, Yu Xing Qin, Yi Wei Lv
Abstract:A new red afterglow phosphor Sr3Al2O6: Eu2+, Dy3+ was synthesized by solid-state reaction and sintered at 1150°C for 2h in reducing...
Authors: Xiu Mei Han, J. Lin, M. Yu, C.K. Lin, Xi Wei Qi, Zhi Yong Yu, Xiao Qin Wang
Abstract:Spherical SiO2 particles have been successfully coated with SrSiO3:Eu3+ phosphor layers through a sol-gel process. The resulted core-shell...
Authors: Da Wei He, Yan Ning Shi, Tao Hou, Dan Zhou
Abstract:A series of phosphors of M2MgSi2O7: Eu2+ (M=Ba,Sr,Ca) have been synthesized and studied. The excitation spectra measurement showed that the...
Authors: Na Su, Zi Long Tang, Zhong Tai Zhang
Abstract:Sr2B5O9Cl:Eu phosphor with high efficient luminescent material was synthesized by solid-state reaction method in air. The result of X-ray...
Authors: Bin Qiao, Zi Long Tang, Zhong Tai Zhang, Lei Chen
Abstract:Ce3+-doped SrGa2O4 was synthesized by citrate-gel with citric acid as chelate agent and sintered in a slightly reduced atmosphere of...
Authors: Huan Yong Li, Wan Qi Jie, Xiao Qin Wang, Ke Wei Xu
Abstract:The microstructure and surface micromorphology of ZnSe single crystals grown directly from zinc and selenium have been investigated using...
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