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Authors: Chong Mu Lee, Anna Park, Young Joon Cho, Hyoun Woo Kim, Jae Gab Lee
Abstract:It is very desirable to grow ZnO epitaxial films on Si substrates since Si wafers with a high quality is available and their prices are...
Authors: Hua Rong, Chun Fang Ye, Yu Yang, Guo Dong Qian, Zhi Yu Wang, Min Quan Wang
Abstract:Laser dyes perylene red (p-red) or pyrromethene 567 (p567) were co-doped with coumarin 440 (C440) or coumarin 500 (C500) into MTES- and...
Authors: Xiao Min Li, Jian Ling Zhao, Ji Ming Bian, Wei Dong Yu
Abstract:ZnO thin films were grown on single-crystal Si(100) substrate by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique. The crystal structure and...
Authors: Chong Mu Lee, Choong Mo Kim, Sook Joo Kim, Yun Kyu Park
Abstract:ZnO thin films were deposited on sapphire (α-Al2O3) substrates by RF magnetron sputtering at substrate temperatures of 500, 600, 650 and...
Authors: Dao Qi Xue, Jun Ying Zhang, Hai Bing Feng, Tian Min Wang
Abstract:ZnO:Eu3+ films were obtained by dip-coating method and influence of heat treatment on luminescent properties was investigated. Emission and...
Authors: Jian Ling Zhao, Xiao Min Li, Ji Ming Bian, Wei Dong Yu, C.Y. Zhang
Abstract:ZnO films were deposited on Si (100) substrate by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis at atmosphere. The film grown at optimum conditions is well...
Authors: Chun Yang, Jun Ying Zhang, Hai Bing Feng, Wei Chang Hao, Tian Min Wang
Abstract:Y2O3:Eu3+ thin film was synthesized by sol-gel method with inorganic salt raw materials, and the crystal structure and luminescent...
Authors: Dan Zhou, Da Wei He, Zhong Yi Liang, Tao Hou
Abstract:The phosphors of MO-Re2O3-B2O3:Eu3+ (M = Mg, Sr; Re = Y, Gd) were prepared by conventional solid-state reaction. Red-emitting...
Authors: Qui Ping Huang, Zhang Lian Hong, Peng Yue Zhang, Xian Ping Fan
Abstract:Ti,Eu co-doped Y2O2S:0.06Ti,0.08Eu phosphor with red long afterglow emission from Eu ions was synthesized via traditional sintering method....
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