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Authors: Hyoun Woo Kim, Ju Hyun Myung
Abstract:We have prepared the gallium oxide (Ga2O3) films on sapphire substrates by a thermal evaporation of GaN powders. We have characterized the...
Authors: Yi Kun Liao, Dan Yu Jiang, Yun Peng Xu, Jian Lin Shi
Abstract:Ultrafine terbium-doped Lu2Hf2O7/Tb phosphor powders are prepared by a solution combustion process using glycine and urea as fuel. Phase...
Authors: Wei Qin, Bo Cui, Xiao Hong Wu, Zhao Hua Jiang
Abstract:White anodic coatings are gained by growth in situ on the aluminum alloy. The coatings possess stable optical properties, excellent adhesive...
Authors: Zhi Yong Yang, Lan Luo, Wei Chen
Abstract:Near-infrared emission properties of Dy3+-Tm3+ co-doped Ge-Ga-Sb-Se glasses were investigated. Possible energy transfer routes and the...
Authors: Jun Ping Yan, Zi Long Tang, Shao Hua Luo, Zhong Tai Zhang
Abstract:Sr4Al14O25: Eu2+, Dy3+ luminescent ceramics with high brightness and long afterglow were prepared using glass frits as binders by sintering...
Authors: Ying He, K. Ma, L. Bi, Jia You Feng, Q.L. Wu
Abstract:In this paper, we have investigated the near-infrared luminescence emitting from NiSi2 passivated silicon nanocrystals (NCs) embedded in...
Authors: Huan Liu, Shu Ping Gong, Dong Xiang Zhou
Abstract:We describe the fabrication of chip-type PTC elements (BaTiO3-based) by roll-forming process. Crack-free green tapes with good malleability...
Authors: Shu Ping Gong, C. Huang, Dong Xiang Zhou, Zhi Ping Zheng
Abstract:In this work, aqueous gel-casting (AGC) method was used for preparing PTC (positive temperature coefficient) ceramic green body based on...
Authors: Yan Yi Liu, Wei Pan
Abstract:BaTiO3 powder was synthesized from BaCO3 and TiO2 using a domestic microwave oven. The samples were synthesized under different temperatures...
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