High-Performance Ceramics IV

Volumes 336-338

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.336-338

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Authors: Manuel Belmonte, Pilar Miranzo, María Isabel Osendi

Abstract: Textured Si3N4 materials have been fabricated by extruding ceramic pastes, containing β-Si3N4 seeds, and later densification by...

Authors: Ke Gang Ren, Ke Xin Chen, Hai Bo Jin, Xiao Shan Ning, He Ping Zhou

Abstract: In present work, ultra-fine powders with alpha phase content higher than 95 wt% and specific surface area of 15.33 m2/g were prepared by...

Authors: Chun Feng Liu, Feng Ye, Yu Zhou, Qing Chang Meng, Yong Liang Wang

Abstract: The densified α-sialon ceramics with the compositions RE0.333Si10Al2ON15 (RE= Yb,Y, Dy, Sm and Nd) were prepared by a two-step hot-pressing...

Authors: Long Hao Qi, Jian Shen, Wei Pan

Abstract: Using ultra-fine alumina powders as raw materials, the submicron transparent alumina with relative density more than 99.9% was fabricated...

Authors: Zheng Lan Lu, Dan Yu Jiang, Lei Hu, Guo Qiang Zhu, Qiang Li, Cheng Zhang

Abstract: This paper explores the effects of dopant content on the aging behavior of tetragonal zirconia polycrystal (TZP). TZP powders with varying...

Authors: Xu Ping Lin, Jing Tao Ma, Bao Qing Zhang, Qiang Lin

Abstract: The mechanical properties and the phase stability in yttria and ceria stabilized zirconia containing 0-20wt% A12O3 during aging in air...

Authors: Zhi Ping Shen, Shu Cai, Zhen Dong

Abstract: Magnesia, ceria partially stabilized zirconia (Ce,Mg)-PSZ ceramics with net shape microstructure are prepared using a processing method...

Authors: Bao Qing Zhang, Xu Ping Lin, Jing Tao Ma

Abstract: Microstructure and mechanical properties of CeO2/Y2O3/ZrO2 ceramics were investigated using ultrafine CeO2/Y2O3/ZrO2 powder as the starting...

Authors: Mu Yun Lei, Cun Xin Huang, Jia Lin Sun

Abstract: In this paper, transparent polycrystalline magnesium aluminate spinel was fabricated by hot pressing ultra fine high purity spinel powder...

Authors: Metin Gürü, M. Korçak, Süleyman Tekeli, Ahmet Güral

Abstract: The properties of ceramic-metal (Cermet) composites as tensile strength, hardness and resistance to corrosion and high temperature are...


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