High-Performance Ceramics IV

Volumes 336-338

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.336-338

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Authors: Gang Li, Liang Wang, Wei Dong Fei

Abstract: Aluminum borate whiskers and magnetic ceramic particles (NiFe2O4 or Fe3O4) reinforced aluminum matrix composites were synthesized by a...

Authors: Zhi Yong Huang, Xue Jian Liu, Xing Wei Sun, Li Ping Huang

Abstract: The CNTs/Si3N4 ceramic matrix composites were prepared by the reaction bonded processing. The phase compositions, chemical compatibility,...

Authors: Chao Zou, Da Hai Zhang, Yi Li, Wen Jian Weng, Kui Cheng, Chen Lu Song, Gao Ling Zhao, Pi Yi Du, Ge Shen, Jian Xun Wang, Gao Rong Han

Abstract: Aluminum phosphate is one of the best inorganic binders, and the addition of chromium oxide can improve the properties of the binder. In...

Authors: Yun Zhou Zhu, Ming Yuan, Zheng Ren Huang, Shao Ming Dong, Dong Liang Jiang

Abstract: 3-D braided C fiber preform was used to reinforce SiC matrix by polymer infiltration and pyrolysis (PIP). The effect of PCS pyrolysis...

Authors: Chun Man Zheng, Xiao Dong Li, Yu Xi Yu, Da Fang Zhao, Feng Cao

Abstract: Due to the introduction of oxygen that works to keep the shape of the fibers and enhance the ceramic yield during high temperature...

Authors: Xin Gui Zhou, Chang Cheng Zhou, Chang Rui Zhang, Ying Bin Cao, Shi Qin Zou

Abstract: 3D braided carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide (3D-Cf/SiC) composites were fabricated by precursor infiltration and pyrolysis(PIP),...

Authors: Ru Zhao, Chang Hong Dai, Yi Cui, Zu Wei Song

Abstract: A new technique of mass-producing silicon carbide whiskers at a low cost is introduced in this paper. Silicon carbide whiskers are...

Authors: Da Xiang Yang, Yong Cai Song, Xian He Mao, Wei Li

Abstract: A new curing method, chemical vapour curing (CVC) for polycarbosilane (PCS) fibers using unsaturated hydrocarbon (cyclohexene) vapour was...

Authors: Zeng Yong Chu, Rong An He, Xiao Dong Li, Hai Feng Cheng, Jun Wang

Abstract: In the preparation of polymer-derived SiC fibers, nanochannels are believed to be formed in the early pyrolysis stages due to loss of large...

Authors: Mu Wen Xie, Long Hao Qi, Qiang Xu

Abstract: Silicon carbide whiskers (SiCw) as a kind of high strength fibrous material are widely used in the reinforcement of metal, ceramic and...


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