High-Performance Ceramics IV

Volumes 336-338

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.336-338

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Authors: Ying Lv, Mu Qin Li, Han Song Yang, Xiao Jie Li

Abstract: Porous hydroxyapatite bioceramics were obtained by impregnating the polyurethane sponge with rheologically optimized slurry. 6wt% bioglass...

Authors: Jian Pan, Jie Mo Tian, Li Min Dong, Chen Wang, Qing Feng Zan

Abstract: This work has achieved a novel self-setting biphase porous calcium phosphate cement (CPC). This biphase porous CPC is mainly formed by...

Authors: Li Gou, Shun Qiao Cheng, Jun Guo Ran, Bao Hui Su

Abstract: The porous structure of calcium phosphate ceramics is one of the essential conditions resulting in bone formation. The porous structure of...

Authors: Xu Li, De An Yang, Li Zhi Di

Abstract: Calcium phosphate cement (CPC) is a kind of promising materials used in dental and orthopeadic restoration. Nowadays, CPC is of special...

Authors: Li Min Dong, Chen Wang, Rui Liu, Jie Mo Tian, Qing Feng Zan

Abstract: The in vivo study was performed to evaluate the biocompatibility and osteogenous ability of injectable fast-setting calcium phosphate...

Authors: Ling Chen, Hong Xiang, Xiao Xi Li, Jian Dong Ye, Xiu Peng Wang, Lin Li

Abstract: Calcium phosphate cements (CPCs) are well-known orthopedic materials for filling bone. However, CPC pastes tend to disintegrate immediately...

Authors: Chen Ma, Li Jie Qu, Mu Qin Li, Shi Qin Yang, Jian Ping Wang

Abstract: Electrically conducting polymer containing calcium phosphate coating (ppy/brushite) was made on the Ti-6Al-4V surface by means of...

Authors: Zi Yang, De An Yang, Hong Zhao

Abstract: CaSO4/β-TCP composite powders were prepared by mixing CaSO4 and β-TCP. The CaSO4 /β-TCP (VS: VP) values were varied from 3:2 to 0:1. The...

Authors: Jin Feng Yao, C.Y. Bao, R. Sun, Y.Z. Zhang, L.Y. Sun, Guo Min Ou, C.D. Xiong

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to explore the osteoinductivity of the composite materials (calcium phosphate ceramics/PLA or collagen...

Authors: Tong Jun Liu, De An Yang, Li Zhi Di

Abstract: The β-TCP granules with the range of diameter from 314μm to 800μm were prepared. The β-TCP/HAP composite bioceramics were prepared by...


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