High-Performance Ceramics IV

Volumes 336-338

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.336-338

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Authors: Tao Lin, Fen Ge Cui, Sheng Yin, Zhi Meng Guo

Abstract: SHS-gravitational process was developed to synthesize the ceramic lined steel pipe, especially for elbow, conical pipe, three-way and...

Authors: Zhen Ting Wang, Yong Dong Wang

Abstract: A composite coating with TiC Particle of embedded in nickel based alloy has been in-situ synthesized by induction cladding a precursor...

Authors: Hong Lin Li, Li Gou, Jun Guo Ran

Abstract: Diamond film was synthesized on Co-deficient (Co content is about 0.5%) WC-Co substrate using microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition...

Authors: Chong Gao Bao, Yi Min Gao, Jian Dong Xing, Guo Shang Zhang

Abstract: Seal materials often lose their effectiveness due to the wear of surface under the combined effect of environment and load. In this...

Authors: Ya Ming Wang, Ting Quan Lei, De Chang Jia, Yu Zhou, Jia Hu Ouyang

Abstract: A nanostructured TiO2 dominated ceramic coating was fabricated on Ti6Al4V by microarc oxidation (MAO). The coating with about 30 μm...

Authors: Bao Hui Su, Zi Bo He, Jun Guo Ran, Li Gou, Fang Hu Wang, Bao Yue Su

Abstract: Resin lenses have substituted for glass lenses to be dominant productions in eyeglasses market because of lightweight, anti-impaction and...

Authors: Fang Wu, Sheng Ming Xu, Song Zhe Chen, Lin Yan Li, Gang Xu, Ling Sen Wang

Abstract: Tribological behavior of B4C-SiC self-mated pairs was studied, and pre-oxidation treatment was adopted to improve the tribological...

Authors: Shao Yang Zhang, Fu Ping Wang

Abstract: Two drums suitable for a Chase Machine were made of Al metal matrix composites containing 25vol.% SiCp with 3.5 μm and 34 μm in nominal...

Authors: Dong Bo Zhang, Sheng Kai Gong, Hui Bin Xu

Abstract: Conventional two-layered structure thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) with different pre-oxide layer thicknesses were produced by EB-PVD onto...

Authors: Chang Liang Wang, Chun Gen Zhou, Sheng Kai Gong, Hui Bin Xu

Abstract: The cyclic oxidation of thermal barrier coating (TBC) specimens consisting of nickel-base superalloy, low pressure plasma sprayed...


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