High-Performance Ceramics IV

Volumes 336-338

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.336-338

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Authors: Jin Sheng Xiao, Chun Xiao Liu, Wen Hua Zhao, Wei Biao Fu

Abstract: A kind of gradient thermal and environmental barrier coating applied in internal combustion engine is brought forward to improve its...

Authors: Yu Ju Chen, Wen Cheng J. Wei

Abstract: Ion-beam sputtering deposition is a physical deposited method which uses accelerated ionbeam to sputter oxide or metal targets, and...

Authors: Hai Ping Cui, Jun Yan, Shi Guo Du, Xin Kang Du

Abstract: Al2O3-Al2Cu3 multiphase coatings were prepared on the surface of steel by reactive flame spray. The binding strength, microhardness and...

Authors: Wen Yue Bi, Li Wang, Xin Gang Yu, Xing Dong Zhang, Hong Quan Bao, Hui Feng Zhao

Abstract: Silver doped titania-silica films were fabricated by two-step route of sol-gel method using Ti(OC4H9)4, Si(OC2H5)4 and AgNO3 as the...

Authors: Hong Hua Cai, Zhong Kuang Luo, Xun Liang, Hai Yang Li, Run Li, Xiao Dan Xu, Jian Hong Liu

Abstract: Sol-gel coatings of mixed TiO2-SiO2 had been deposited on ceramic substrates by spraycoating technique to study their hydrophilic and...

Authors: Li Wang, Wen Yue Bi, Xing Dong Zhang, Xin Gang Yu, Hong Quan Bao, Hui Feng Zhao

Abstract: Antimony doped tin oxide (ATO) thin films were deposited onto silica coated soda lime silicate substrate by the sol-gel method using...

Authors: Gang He, Xia Deng, Yuan Kun Cen, Xiao Yu Li, En Luo, Rong Rong Nie, Yong Zhao, Zhi Hong Liang, Zhi Qing Chen

Abstract: This research is aimed at the development and characterization of a novel bioceramic coating on the surface of pure titanium. Nano-TiO2/HA...

Authors: Liu Ding Tang, W.M. Zhao, L.Y. Tian, Bing Zhe Li

Abstract: Biomechanical models of implanting prostheses into femora by means of press fit, i.e. the mechanics of non-homogeneous layer-like...

Authors: Jin Long Chen, Quan Yu Liu, Yu Wen Qin, Xin Hua Ji

Abstract: In this paper, two-steps digital image correlation method is well advanced with the sub-pixel reconstruction in sub-image by utilizing the...

Authors: B.G. Li, Yun Qing Kang, Guang Fu Yin, Chang Qiong Zheng

Abstract: In this paper, the adsorption of human serum albumin (HSA), human serum fibrinogen (HFG) and human serum immune globulin (IG) on surfaces...


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