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Authors: Yan Yu, Yu Zhong Ruan
Abstract:Alumina adsorbent was synthesized from waste aluminum sludge in this research. The nitrogen isothermal adsorption method (77K) is applied to...
Authors: Nan Wang, Guo Cai Zhu, Yong Hong Zhao, Heng Hu Sun
Abstract:With the rapid development of the national economy, an effective way is urgently anticipated to unburden the pressure of low resources...
Authors: Qian Lin, Jian Xin Cao, Cheng Bing Fu, Yuan Zhang
Abstract:The phosphorus slag produced as the waste of yellow phosphorus manufacturing was studied for the production of calcium-aluminum-silicone...
Authors: Heng Hu Sun, Yu Li, Nan Wang, Yong Hong Zhao
Abstract:Sialite, made according to the theory of simulation to formation of rock, is a new aluminosilicate-based cementitious material. Production...
Authors: Xue Bin Zhang, Jun Xu, Xiang Jun Ren, Xing Qin Liu, Guang Yao Meng
Authors: Hai Yang Li, Zhong Kuang Luo, Hong Hua Cai, Jian Hong Liu, Pei Xin Zhang, Xun Liang, Xiang Zhong Ren
Abstract:TiO2 coatings on ceramic substrate were prepared using TiOSO4 and silica sol. Coatings were then heat-treated respectively at 300°C, 400°C...
Authors: Chang Hong Dai, Ru Zhao, Li Shui, Bao Bao Zhang
Abstract:A new method for preparing microporous ceramics by the silicon carbide whiskers was studied in this paper. The physical and chemical...
Authors: Zhen Qi Hu, Xiu Hong Yang, Ying Chun Zhang
Abstract:The adsorption behavior of clay minerals in cadmium contaminated soils has been studied in order to remedy soils contaminated with this...
Authors: Xing Jun Jiang, Yun Han Ling, Hong Yi Li, Xin De Bai
Abstract:Ag doped TiO2 whiskers were synthesized by calcining metatitanic acid with potassium car= bonate to form tetratitanate whisker precursor,...
Authors: Lei Yang, Zhen Yi Zhang, Xiao Shan Ning, Guang He Li
Abstract:In this paper, a novel and highly efficient hydroxyapatite (HA) carrier for cultivating hydrocarbon degradation bacteria (HDB) is...
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