High-Performance Ceramics IV

Volumes 336-338

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.336-338

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Authors: Wen Li Zhang, Yin Lin Wu, Ying Na Zhao, Xiao Li Zhang, Hao Man Li

Abstract: The principle of melt-phase separation process for preparation of nanoparticle TiO2 is based on the adjustment of glass phase-separation...

Authors: Yu Jun Zhang, Jing Chao Zhang, Sha Li Tan, Xun Yan Tan

Abstract: Nanometer CeO2 with the mean size of 15 nm is prepared by sol-gel method, and the CO catalytic oxidation activity of Pd-Cu catalysts with...

Authors: Yong Heng Zhang, Jian Zhong Xue

Abstract: The catalysts based on V/K/Ca and V/Ks/Ce systems for diesel soot catalytic oxidation were synthesized onto the porous alumina substrates....

Authors: Xi Xao, Cheng Qian, Zhen Qiu He

Abstract: A sol-gel process was used to synthesize nanosized Ca-Zn ferrite powders. DTA-TG, XRD and SEM techniques are employed to investigate the...

Authors: Xian Qun Chen, Qiu Sun, Hong Cheng Liu

Abstract: Rare earth Yb-doped bismuth titanate Bi4-xYbxTi3O12 (BYT) nanocrystalline powders were obtained by a modified sol-gel method. TG-DTA, FI-IR...

Authors: Xiang Feng Guan, Zhi Hui Liu, He Ping Zhou

Abstract: Nanosized Ce0.8Gd0.05Y0.15O1.9 powders were synthesized using glycine nitrate process for use as the electrolyte of intermediate...

Authors: Ming Kwei Lee, Tsung Hsiang Shih, Chung Min Shih

Abstract: Nano-scaled particle of anatase phase titanium oxide was obtained from the conversion of ammonium oxotrifluorotitanate by thermal treatment...

Authors: Zhang Lian Hong, Fu Rong Zhao, Pei Song Tang, Min Quan Wang

Abstract: The effect of ultrasonic treatment under low frequency and power condition on the surface adsorption state and photocatalysis activity of...

Authors: Qian Lin Chen, Jian Qing Wu, Jia Guo Wang

Abstract: Precursor of nanosized TiO2 was prepared by alkoxide hydrolysis method. It was dried by common drying, far infrared drying, vacuum drying...

Authors: Fan Yong Ran, Wen Bin Cao, Yan Hong Li, Xiao Ning Zhang

Abstract: Nanosize anatase TiO2 powders have been synthesized by hydrothermal synthesis by using technical grade TiOSO4 as precursor and urea as...


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