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Authors: Xue Min Cui, Ji Zhou, Bo Li, Jian Hong Shen, Yue Hui Wang
Abstract:This paper studied the dielectric performances and microstructure of the Ba-Ti-B-Si-O glass-ceramics fabricated with different methods. The...
Authors: Shu Ming Wang, Kai Ming Liang, Le Fu Mei, Feng Zhou
Abstract:The effect of Fe2O3-TiO2 mixture additives on the crystallization behaviour of a parent glass with composition located in the primary field...
Authors: Han Feng Wang, He Ping Zhou
Abstract:The effects of Li+ addition on the sintering and microstructural evolution of cordierite were analyzed. As nucleating agent, the Li+...
Authors: Hong Li, Jin Shu Cheng, Xin Cao, Tian He Wang
Authors: Feng Zhou, Hui Chen Zhang, Kai Ming Liang
Abstract:In this paper the Li+, Sb3+-doped SiO2-TiO2 thin films, which were heat-treated with an applied electric field, were prepared by sol-gel dip...
Authors: Cheng Fu Yang, Chien Min Cheng, Ho Hua Chung, Chao Chin Chan
Abstract:5~15 wt% MgO-CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 (MCAS, fabricated by sol-gel method) glass is used as the sintering aid of AlN ceramics. The sintering is...
Authors: Ren Ping Wu, Yang Guo Chen, Ying Yun Gu, Tian Ran Zhang
Abstract:Glass ceramic was successfully synthesized using goldmine tailings as main raw material. The frit preparation and molding techniques, and...
Authors: Dong Mei Zhu, Wan Cheng Zhou, Chandra S. Ray, Delbert E. Day
Abstract:A method is proposed for estimating the critical cooling rate for glass formation and continuous cooling transformation curve (CCT) from...
Authors: Guang Ya Hou, Jun Min Qian, Hong Jie Wang, Zhi Hao Jin
Abstract:Biomorphic SiC ceramics were fabricated by infiltrating liquid silicon into woodceramics which were prepared from beech and pine impregnated...
Authors: Qing Yun Wang, Min Fang Han, Jing Hua Xue
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