Advanced Biomaterials VII

Volumes 342-343

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Won Yong Kim

Abstract: Mechanical properties and elastic modulus were examined in order to clarify the influence on microstructures in Ti-26Nb-xSi, where x= 0.5,...

Authors: Kwon Yong Lee, Hwan Kim, D.W. Kim, Dae Joon Kim, Myung Hyun Lee, Won Seon Seo

Abstract: The sliding wear of four different compositions of novel low temperature degradation-free zirconia/alumina (LTD-free Z/A) composites were...

Authors: Chao Yong Zhao, Hu Li, T. Yuan, Hong Song Fan, Xing Dong Zhang, Zhong Wei Gu

Abstract: This study was carried out to investigate the effect of acid-alkali treatment and alkaliheat treatment on the push-out strength and tissue...

Authors: Qi Feng Yu, Zhen Sheng Li, Bang Cheng Yang, Y. Huang, L. Gan, Yang Qu, Xing Dong Zhang

Abstract: Nano-titania ceramics is a potential biomaterial for orthopaedic application. In our previous studies, a bioactive nano-titania ceramics...

Authors: Seung Chan Na, Seung Ho Park, Woon Suk Hwang

Abstract: In this study, a current density contour map of TiNi shape memory alloy in sodium sulfate solutions was constructed by potentiodynamic...

Authors: Woon Suk Hwang, Seung Chan Na, Jeong Ja Lee

Abstract: In order to investigate the corrosion behavior of TiNi shape memory alloy, especially electrochemical behavior of pitting and crevice...

Authors: D.H. Kim, Y.S. Shin, Kyung Sun, Kyu Back Lee

Abstract: The interactions between biological cells and nanometer-scale structured surfaces are very important issues in nanobiotechnology. Most...

Authors: Byung Young Moon, Kwon Son, Jung Hong Park

Abstract: Gait analysis is essential to identify accurate cause and knee condition from patients who display abnormal walking. Traditional linear...

Authors: Y.R. Yoo, H.H. Cho, S.G. Jang, K.Y. Lee, H.Y. Son, Jung Gu Kim, Young Sik Kim

Abstract: This work focused on the effect of Co content on the corrosion resistance of high pitting resistance equivalent (PRE), super ferritic,...

Authors: Jae Sun Hwang, Keun Taek Oh, Kyoung Nam Kim, Kwang Mahn Kim

Abstract: The titanium oxide layer with nano–micro hybrid structure on the titanium substrate was formed by grit-blasting and anodic oxidation...


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