The Mechanical Behavior of Materials X

Volumes 345-346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kengo Fujiki, Xia Zhu, Kazuki Mori, Nagatoshi Okabe

Abstract: The basic investigation was conducted for the diameter enlarging machine of a shaft by repeating cyclic torsion newly developed as a novel...

Authors: Jae Chul Lee, Doo Man Chun, Sung Hoon Ahn, Caroline S. Lee

Abstract: Cold gas dynamic spray is a relatively new coating process by which coatings can be produced without significant heating during the...

Authors: Masaaki Otsu, Hiroshi Taniguchi, Kazuki Takashima

Abstract: Ti and Au foils with a thickness of 10μm were formed by indenting at a place neighboring another indented place sequentially by means of a...

Authors: M. Munawar Chaudhri, Yong Yee Lim

Abstract: Although instrumented indentation machines have existed since the 1950s, it is only during the past 20 years or so that there has been a...

Authors: R.R. Keller, N. Barbosa, R.H. Geiss, D.T. Read

Abstract: A novel approach for measuring thermal fatigue lifetime and ultimate strength of patterned thin films on substrates is presented. The...

Authors: Kenji Machida, Mitsuru Sato, Shinji Ogihara

Abstract: Fiber reinforced composites are heterogeneous and anisotropic. The applicability of the stress analysis methods on such heterogeneous and...

Authors: Jae Hwan Han, Jung Suk Lee, Yun Hee Lee, Min Jae Choi, Gyu Jei Lee, Kwang Ho Kim, Dong Il Kwon

Abstract: The instrumented indentation technique (IIT) has recently attracted significant research interest because it is nondestructive and easy to...

Authors: Gyu Jei Lee, Sang Wook Park, Seung Kyun Kang, Kug Hwan Kim, Jae Hwan Han, Kun Nyun Kim, Dong Il Kwon

Abstract: The Johnson-Kendall-Roberts (JKR) theory was combined with the instrumented indentation technique to evaluate the work of adhesion and...

Authors: Sung Han Park, Jae Hoon Kim, Won Hoon Kim, Soon Il Moon

Abstract: When jet vane is exposed to exhaust gas and deflected at a typical angle, side force is produced and the missile is controlled. The vane is...

Authors: Han Zhao, I. Nasri, Hui Jian Li

Abstract: This paper presents a experimental study of the strength enhancement under impact loading of metallic cellular materials as well as...


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