The Mechanical Behavior of Materials X

Volumes 345-346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gyu Young Lee, Dong Ho Bae, Y.P. Kim, C.M. Kim, S.Y. Cho

Abstract: The cathode protection method is a very useful corrosion protection technology for the underground pipelines. However, it has some problems...

Authors: Hiroshi Noguchi, Yasuji Oda

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of hydrogen environment on fatigue crack growth characteristics of a low carbon steel JIS S10C, fatigue...

Authors: Y. Choi, J.I. Choe, Kee Nam Choo, D.S. Kim

Abstract: Quasi-nano filamentary copper-silver composites were irradiated and annealed to study irradiation degradation behavior. The specimen was...

Authors: Kyu Sun Lee, Hong Gyu Jeon, Sung Oug Cho, Young Ze Lee

Abstract: In order to protect the global environment, especially on the point of the greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide should be used as a natural...

Authors: Ning Xia, Mao Sen Cao, Qing Wen Ren

Abstract: In this study, an experiment program is presented to study the bonding mechanism between corroded bolts and grout and in particular the...

Authors: De Ming Fang, Ying Li, Bai Yang Lou

Abstract: Microstructure, hardness and mechanical properties of the 1Cr5Mo steel tubes for the coking furnace at super temperature were investigated...

Authors: Hiroshi Goto

Abstract: Nanoimprint process is a simple and a low cost micro/nano fabrication method based on mold replication principle. Various kinds of...

Authors: Zi Hui Xia, Feng Ju

Abstract: The high specific strength of the magnesium alloy makes it a valuable choice for automotive, aerospace and sporting industries, where the...

Authors: Zeng Tao Chen, Michael J. Worswick

Abstract: Stretch flange forming experiments of AA5182 and AA5754 sheet alloys were performed to characterize the forming properties. Identical...

Authors: S.I. Kim, D.J. Paik, Shi Hoon Choi, D.W. Kim, Y.C. Yang, Young Seog Lee

Abstract: We have studied the fracture behavior of coating layer when low and high alloying galvannealed (GA) steels are subject to forming process....


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