The Mechanical Behavior of Materials X

Volumes 345-346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Takayuki Kitamura, Akihiro Kushima, Yoshitaka Umeno

Abstract: The ideal strength of a nano-component, which is the maximum stress of the structure, provides an insight into the mechanical behavior of...

Authors: Hyung Jun Chang, Heung Nam Han, Marc Fivel

Abstract: Nanoindentation is an interesting technique used to probe the local mechanical properties of a material. Although this test has been widely...

Authors: Kyong Jun An, Myung Keun Han

Abstract: For the pressure-assisted master sintering surface (PMSS), the sintered density during hot pressing is a unique function of the integral of...

Authors: A. Yamanaka, Tomohiro Takaki, Yoshihiro Tomita

Abstract: The integrated simulation model for microstructural design of Fe-C alloy using the phase-field method and the homogenization method is...

Authors: Tomohiro Takaki, M. Asanishi, A. Yamanaka, Yoshihiro Tomita

Abstract: The establishment of the coupled numerical model which enable to simulate the spherulite formation and its mechanical behavior continuously...

Authors: Bohuslav Mašek, H. Staňková, Jiří Malina, Ludmila Skálová, Lothar W. Meyer

Abstract: Convenient structure adjustment and thereby the achievement of suitable material and technological properties is one of the very important...

Authors: Hyon Jee Lee, Jae Hyeok Shim, Brian D. Wirth

Abstract: The interactions of a dislocation with commonly observed irradiation induced defects such as a stacking fault tetrahedron (SFT) and a void...

Authors: Kisaragi Yashiro, Yuuhu Suzuki, Joy Rizki Pangestu, Yoshihiro Tomita

Abstract: By using molecular dynamics simulation, misfit dislocation networks are made on semi-coherent interfaces in a laminate structure of Ni and...

Authors: Dong Ying Ju, Tatsuo Inoue

Abstract: Strategy and function of a new developed FEM code COSMAP(COmputer Simulation of MAterial Process) for surface hardening during of...

Authors: Yusuke Kinoshita, Yoshitaka Umeno, Takayuki Kitamura

Abstract: Using the first-principles calculation, the elastic constant C44 of Ag/Al multilayers with different modulation periods from 0.43 nm to...


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