The Mechanical Behavior of Materials X

Volumes 345-346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Satoyuki Tanaka, Hiroshi Okada

Abstract: In this paper, an adaptive strategy based on a B-spline wavelet Galerkin method is discussed. The authors have developed the wavelet...

Authors: Sang Yun Park, Jai Hak Park

Abstract: The finite element alternating method (FEAM) was extended to obtain fracture mechanics parameters and elasto-plastic stress fields for 3-D...

Authors: Sung Han Rhim, Hyung Wook Park, Soo Ik Oh

Abstract: In serrated chips of difficult-to-machining materials such as medium carbon steel and titanium alloy during metal cutting process at high...

Authors: Ho Dong Yang, Yool Kwon Oh

Abstract: This study focused on observing the melting phenomena and investigated a principle factor of enhanced heat transfer in phase change...

Authors: Yong Bum Kim, Ho Dong Yang, Yool Kwon Oh

Abstract: In the present study, aluminum alloy casting mold which consist of eight pieces is introduced as a new technique of tire manufacturing. For...

Authors: Young Shin Lee, Jae Ok Lee, Young Jin Choi, Se Hoon Lee, Hyun Seung Lee, Joon Tak Jun, Jae Hoon Kim

Abstract: The combat car used the heavy duty diesel engine must have a large output for maintaining excellent mobility. The compacted graphite iron...

Authors: Seung Hwan Oh, Jung Ho Kang, Won Sik Joo, Xue Guan Song, Hyeung Geol Kong, Young Chul Park

Abstract: The optimization of gate valve was performed using Kriging based approximation model. The DACE modeling, known as the one of Kriging...

Authors: Young Chul Park, Jung Ho Kang, Dong Hwa Lee, Seung Hwan Oh, Won Deg Ko, Kwon Hee Lee

Abstract: DOE (design of experiments) was applied to the design of a knuckle as a part of a suspension system. Specifically, knuckle made of aluminum...

Authors: Dae Seock Shin, Heung Shik Lee, Chong Du Cho

Abstract: Although steel-concrete interface has significant influence on bonding strength and shear strength, the composite structure with the...

Authors: Tatsuo Inoue, Tomohiro Tanaka, Dong Ying Ju, Ryuji Mukai

Abstract: Mechanism of transformation plasticity (TP) is discussed from continuum mechanics viewpoint, and derivation of TP law from the unified...


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