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Authors: Sang Soon Lee, In Wook Jeon, Young Chol Chang
Abstract:The residual stresses in an epoxy film coated on Si wafer induced during polymerization at room temperature are investigated. The curvature...
Authors: W. Woo, Zhi Li Feng, X.L. Wang, Donald W. Brown, Bjørn Clausen, C.R. Hubbard, Hahn Choo, S.A. David
Authors: Soo Hyun Lee, Jink Wang Kim, Su Nam Kim, Sang Bong Cho, Jon Do Yun
Abstract:Indentation method was used to determine the interfacial fracture toughness of epoxy coating on aluminum substrate. Tensile testing followed...
Authors: Miguel Angel Garrido, Jesus Rodríguez
Abstract:Young’s modulus and hardness data obtained from nanoindentation are commonly affected by phenomena like pile up or sink in, when...
Authors: Valeriy Lepov, Anastassia Ivanova, Valentina Achikasova, Kiounna Lepova
Abstract:In this paper, an attempt is made to describe the structural-statistical aspects of the damage accumulation and fracture of structural steel...
Authors: L. Yu, Shou Wen Yu, Xi Qiao Feng
Abstract:In this paper, a phenomenological, nonlinear constitutive relation of ferroelectric ceramics is established by considering the fact that...
Authors: Andrea Cambruzzi, Jürg Dual
Abstract:The reliability and optimal design of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) can be achieved only with the determination of material...
Authors: Keiyu Nakagawa, Teruto Kanadani
Abstract:In this paper, we investigated effects of aging at 473K on the relationship between microstructure in the vicinity of the grain boundaries...
Authors: Mateusz Stec, Jonas Faleskog
Abstract:A micromechanical model representing two adjacent grains is developed. Rapid crack propagation from one grain into another driven by a...
Authors: Pascale Kanoute, Francois Henri Leroy, Bruno Passily
Abstract:An original instrumented microindenter capable of testing materials up to 1000°C in an inert atmosphere has been developed. The method of...
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