The Mechanical Behavior of Materials X

Volumes 345-346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Seon Kim, Yong Hwan Kim, Seung Jae Lee, Young Ze Lee

Abstract: Fuel cladding tubes in nuclear fuel assembly are held up by supporting grids because the tubes are long and slender. Fluid flows of...

Authors: Tae Shik Ahn, Dae Hyun Cho, Young Ze Lee

Abstract: Wear and scuffing tests were conducted using friction and wear measurement of piston rings and cylinder blocks for the low friction diesel...

Authors: Gao Feng Quan

Abstract: It is studied the deformation process by IN SITU surface morphology observation for Mg alloy AZ31 sheet in an SEM. It is found that the...

Authors: Sang Jin Lee, Sang Ho Lee

Abstract: New laminate design for improved toughness in hexacelsian-alumina composite is introduced. The composite is based on crack deflection in a...

Authors: Jia Lin Tsai, Jui Ching Kuo

Abstract: This research aims to investigate strain rate effect on the out of plane shear strength of unidirectional fiber composites. Both...

Authors: Y. Aminanda, B. Castanie, J.J. Barrau

Abstract: A finite element model is proposed to determine the residual strength and the evolution of damage area of indented sandwiches structures...

Authors: Richard P. Vinci, T. Bannuru, Seung Min Hyun, Walter L. Brown

Abstract: Pt-IrOx and Au-V2O5 thin films were created by magnetron co-sputtering from multiple targets in an Ar-O2 mixture. Successful Pt-IrOx...

Authors: Elena Lyamina, Sergei Alexandrov, Daria Grabco, Olga Shikimaka

Abstract: The quality of surface of the product of metal forming processes depends on physical processes in the vicinity of frictional interfaces...

Authors: Seung Min Hyun, Walter L. Brown, Richard P. Vinci

Abstract: Thin metal films often play an important role as structural elements or reflective surfaces in MEMS applications. Mechanical properties of...

Authors: Kwang Chul Lee, Nam Seo Goo

Abstract: In this paper, the pumping performance of a piezoelectric micropump is simulated with commercial finite element analysis (FEA) software...


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