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Authors: S.Y. Lee, Y.L. Lu, Peter K. Liaw, Hahn Choo, Scott A. Thompson, James W. Blust, Paul F. Browning, Arun K. Bhattacharya, Jose M. Aurrecoechea, Dwaine L. Klarstrom
Abstract:The creep-fatigue crack-growth behavior of HAYNES® 188, a cobalt-based superalloy, was studied at the temperatures of 649, 816, and 927 oC...
Authors: Bokkyu Lim, Young Woo Choi
Abstract:Effect of nitriding on fatigue crack initiation and growth rate has been studied on Ni-Cr-Mo steel. Specimens were nitrided for 15hr at...
Authors: Bokkyu Lim, Young Woo Choi
Abstract:Single phase bainite structure which is obtained by the conventional austempering treatment reduces the ductility of ductile cast iron....
Authors: Young Woo Choi, Bokkyu Lim, Sung In Bae
Abstract:The effect of axial loading resulting from torque on the fatigue life of bolts has been investigated. It was found that the fatigue limit of...
Authors: Young Pyo Kim, Cheol Man Kim, Woo Sik Kim, Kwang Seon Shin
Abstract:A clear understanding of fatigue properties for the pipeline steel and its weld is important to provide information for pipeline design...
Authors: Naomi Iida, Shinji Ando, Masayuki Tsushida, Hiromoto Kitahara, Hideki Tonda
Authors: Keiro Tokaji, Yoshihiko Uematsu, Mitsutoshi Kamakura
Abstract:The fatigue behaviour of newly developed Mg2Si-dispersed magnesium (Mg) alloys produced by solid-state synthesis was studied. Rotary bending...
Authors: Hiroshi Noda, Hisao Matsunaga
Abstract:In order to investigate the influence of hydrogen on the fatigue strength of Type 304 meta-stable austenitic stainless steel, specimens were...
Authors: Katsuyuki Tokimasa
Abstract:The present paper summarizes the fully reversed strain-controlled creep-fatigue tests conducted on thin-walled tubular specimens of SUS304...
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