High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: Gurdial Blugan, Daniela Wittig, Sieglinde Zinz, Thomas Graule, Jakob Kübler

Abstract: The effect of different sintering additives on the high temperature oxidation and corrosion behaviour of Si3N4 ceramics is investigated. A...

Authors: Xian Feng Leng, Yan Gai Liu, Ming Hao Fang, Zhao Hui Huang

Abstract: Rod-like α-sialon was synthesized successfully using pure SiO2 and AlN as the starting materials, carbon black as reductant, CaF2 and Y2O3...

Authors: S. Kurama

Abstract: Nd-doped α-SiAlON starting composition (Nd0.33Si9.38Al2.62O1.62N14.38) was prepared by gas pressure sintering at 1825°C for 3 hrs. In order...

Authors: Xian Wu Luo, Hong Yuan Xu, Juan Liu, Long Hao Qi

Abstract: Slurry pumps are used to transport the liquid fluids with solid particles in the industries. The materials of flow passage in a slurry pump...

Authors: Hong Zeng, Hong Jie Wang, Juan Li Yu, Dan Bo Lin, Guan Jun Qiao, Ji Qiang Gao

Abstract: In this paper, highly porous Si3N4 ceramics with high strength, homogeneous microstructure were fabricated by introducing a proper amount...

Authors: Bin Li, Chang Rui Zhang, Feng Cao, Si Qing Wang, Ying Bin Cao, Bang Chen

Abstract: Toray T300 PAN-based carbon fibers were surface oxidized in air at 300, 400 and 500 °C. The composition of surface was determined by X-ray...

Authors: Ying Chun Shan, Jiu Jun Xu, Qin Ji Song, Jiang Tao Li

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of sintering temperature on the microstructure and densification process of Y-SiAlON ceramics, by hot...

Authors: Jiu Jun Xu, Ying Chun Shan, Jiang Tao Li, Qin Ji Song

Abstract: Multi-step hot pressing sintering was adopted to prepare Y-SiAlON (Y0.4Si9.6Al2.4O1.2N14.8) at 1950°C for 60 min under 25 Mpa in nitrogen...

Authors: Jun Tong Huang, Ming Hao Fang, Yan Gai Liu, Zhao Hui Huang

Abstract: Single phase Sialon was synthesized successfully from fly ash by carbothermal reductionnitridation reaction in this paper. The effects of...

Authors: Wei Ru Zhang, Chong Hai Wang, Ling Li, Jian Liu, Wen Chen

Abstract: The Si-B-O-N microwave-transparent materials were prepared by gas pressure sintering (GPS).The effect of BN and nano-SiO2 contents on the...


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