High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: In Sub Han, Jong Chul Park, Se Young Kim, Ki Seog Hong

Abstract: Silica wet gels were prepared from water glass (29 wt.% SiO2) by using Amberlite as a ion exchange resin. After washing in distilled water,...

Authors: Xiao Hui Wang, Xiao Ping Liang, Shao Bo Xin

Abstract: Silicon dioxide gel fibers were prepared by hydrolysis reaction of tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS). TEOS was used as basic materials,...

Authors: Chien Jung Huang, Pin Hsiang Chiu, Yeong Her Wang

Abstract: This paper describes a sol-gel (SG) method for the coating of gold nanoparticles with uniform shells of amorphous silica. The thickness of...

Authors: Shi Ying Zhang, Fan Ping Xiao, Luo Yi Wu, Cheng Yong Li, Zhen Hua Chen

Abstract: Using tetrabutyltitanate as titanium source, amorphous TiO2 powder was firstly prepared by a sol–miniemulsion–gel method. Prepared powder...

Authors: Nan Chun Chen, Han Mei Ao, Dong Chen

Abstract: A new method of synthesizing mullite nanocomposite from raw natural kaolin is presented in the paper. Raw kaolin is processed by...

Authors: Xiao Lin Jia, Su Ping Li, Hai Jun Zhang, Jiang Tao Zhu, He Long Hu

Abstract: Nanosized mullite powders were prepared by hydrothermal method with bauxite as precursor. The effects of mineralizer, hydrothermal...

Authors: Hui Wang, Ling Ke Zeng

Abstract: Mullite fiber porous ceramic was prepared by forced liquid displacement forming and using Mullite precursor sols as binders. SEM studies...

Authors: Fu Jun Zhao, Lin Hai Han, Long Liang

Abstract: The nonstoichiometric Al-rich single crystal mullite nanosticks were prepared by sol-gel method without any catalysts. The nanosticks are...

Authors: Shun Li, Jia Chen Liu, Zhong Qiu Li, Wei Fan, Peng Yu Zhang

Abstract: A novel technique to synthesize mullite by the oxidation of Al-Si alloy powder was used for the manufacture of mullite via pressure...

Authors: Lin Liu, Xin Xing, Xiao Dong Li

Abstract: A novel SiC precursor antimony-substituted polymethylsilane (APS) is present in this paper. First, pre-APS was synthesized from...


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