Progress of Machining Technology

Volumes 407-408

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Qin Wang, Xing Ai, Jun Zhao, Pei Quan Guo

Abstract: Ti6Al4V is a difficult to machine alloy with low cutting efficiency and server tool wear. A series of orthogonal turning tests with CBN...

Authors: Xiang Hua Zhang, Hong Bing Wu

Abstract: To accurately simulate the segmented chip formation of titanium alloy Ti6Al4V in high speed cutting process, the key techniques of the...

Authors: Li Zhou, Cheng Yong Wang, Yu Zhong Li, Zhe Qin

Abstract: Micro carbide endmills suffer severe abrasive friction and impact wear in high speed milling of graphite. This paper focused on the study of...

Authors: Chang Yi Liu, Cheng Long Chu, Wen Hui Zhou, Jun Jie Yi

Abstract: Taguchi design methodology is applied to experiments of flank mill machining parameters of titanium alloy TC11 (Ti6.5A13.5Mo2Zr0.35Si) in...

Authors: Erween Abdul Rahim, Hiroyuki Sasahara

Abstract: Nowadays, an increase on demands of aerospace components has led to implementation of high speed machining (HSM). The principal factors in...

Authors: Shao Fu Huang, Di Zhu, Yong Bin Zeng, Yong Liu, Wei Wang

Abstract: In order to remove the reaction products generated from the interelectrode gap of the electrochemical micro-machining, an angle adjustable...

Authors: Yasuhiro Okamoto, Yoshiyuki Uno, Tetsuomi Mohri, Taito Izawa

Abstract: A newly surface treatment method was proposed by the combination of the high-speed laser scanning with Galvano scanner and the single-mode...

Authors: Li Li, Zong Wei Niu, Guang Ming Yuan

Abstract: Sintered NdFeB magnet is widely used in many areas because of its excellent magnet. This paper studies the effect of ultrasonic vibration of...

Authors: Jia Yao, Wei Lu, Chun Shan Liu

Abstract: The specification of the vibration cutting loading is a decision factor for the generation of stress wave and the stress wave propagation...

Authors: Hai Wang, Akira Okada, Takafumi Uwano, Yoshiyuki Uno, Habib Sameh

Abstract: This paper deals with EDM characteristics of newly develops electrically conductive ceramics. Titanium boride (TiB2) is widely used as die...


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