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Authors: Jin Ji Gao, Wei Min Wang, Li Dong He, Hong Xu
Abstract:Animals possess the function of self-recovery for adapting the change in their living conditions. Can machinery, by bionic design, just like...
Authors: Karen M. Holford
Abstract:Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is of paramount importance in an increasing number of applications, not only to ensure safety and...
Authors: Bing Li, Jie Zhuo, Zheng Jia He
Abstract:This paper presents the application of the wavelet finite element methods (WFEM) and neural network to crack parameters estimation and...
Authors: Luis Baeza, Hua Jiang Ouyang
Abstract:This paper presents a method for the vibration of a beam with a breathing crack under harmonic excitation. The infinitely thin crack is...
Authors: Xin Long Chang, Xiang Yong He, Bin Jian, Zheng Liang Li
Abstract:The fiber reinforced composite materials were widely used for aerospace aircrafts and missile weapons, and the delamination was a major...
Authors: Pawel Kudela, Wiesław M. Ostachowicz, Arkadiusz Zak
Abstract:The aim of this paper is development of an algorithm for damage localisation in composite plates based on wave propagation signals registered...
Authors: Dan Sheng Wang, Dan Yan Shen, Hong Ping Zhu
Abstract:Structural crack identification has been received considerable attention in recent decade. A lot of different techniques like acoustic...
Authors: Xiao Qiang Chen, Hong Ping Zhu, Dan Sheng Wang
Abstract:In this paper, a new time-domain method for detecting structural local damage has been developed, which is based on the measured strain...
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