Damage Assessment of Structures VIII

Volumes 413-414

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.413-414

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Authors: Pawel Malinowski, Tomasz Wandowski, Wiesław M. Ostachowicz

Abstract: The aim of this work is the investigation and improvement of a Structural Health Monitoring method based on Lamb waves propagation. This...

Authors: Tomasz Wandowski, Pawel Malinowski, Wiesław M. Ostachowicz

Abstract: In this paper algorithm for damage localisation in thin panels made of aluminium alloy has been proposed. Mentioned algorithm uses Lamb wave...

Authors: Marek Krawczuk, Magdalena Palacz, Arkadiusz Zak, Wiesław M. Ostachowicz

Abstract: According to the latest research results presented in the literature changes in propagating waves are one of the most promising parameters...

Authors: Marco Gherlone, Romualdo Ruotolo, Cecilia Surace

Abstract: The aim of the work is to develop a procedure allowing the test engineer to determine the probability of finding a crack in a beam...

Authors: Peter W. Tse, Xiao Juan Wang

Abstract: Modernized cities must have adequate infrastructures to support the daily needs from her citizens. The continuity in pipeline services that...

Authors: Zhi Hua Wang, Lin Jing, Wei Wei Zhang, Hong Wei Ma

Abstract: The local effect of “softening” at the crack location can be simulated by an equivalent spring connecting the two segments of the beam. As...

Authors: Ser Tong Quek, Viet Anh Tran, Xiao Yan Hou

Abstract: For detection of damage in frame and truss structures, the normalized cumulative energy is proposed as the identification parameter within...

Authors: Hong Kun Li, Zhi Xin Zhang

Abstract: Instantaneous impact signal analysis investigation and feature extraction have been broadly investigated by many researchers. How to...

Authors: Xue Feng Chen, Bing Li, Zheng Jia He

Abstract: Due to the fact that near a crack singularity, gradients of the solution are large and are also subject to abrupt changes, so that the...

Authors: James J. Hensman, Rob J. Barthorpe

Abstract: The optimal selection of discriminatory features from large datasets remains a pressing problem in damage identification. In this paper, a...


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