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Authors: Ying Wei Yun, Ii Young Jang, Seong Kyum Kim, Seung Min Park
Abstract:High-performance concrete (HPC) as a promising construction material has been widely used in infrastructures and high-rise buildings etc....
Authors: Chao Cheng Chang, Chien Kuo Huang
Abstract:This study used the micro double cup extrusion of aluminum to investigate the effects of the surface roughness of workpiece and die on the...
Authors: Shen Yung Lin, C.T. Chung, R.W. Chang, C.K. Chang
Abstract:The main objective of this study is to investigate the effect of bearing preloads on the characteristics of spindle stiffness. Finite element...
Authors: Min Chao, Chin Yu Wang, Cheng Kang Lee
Abstract:This paper concerns the design and analysis of a 6-DOF inverted Stewart platform of an amusement park. In consideration of both the...
Authors: Chin Yu Wang, Hsin Te Wang
Abstract:In this paper, a parametric cubic spline function for generating gear profile is proposed. The spline function includes new gear design...
Authors: Ming Chang, Chia Hung Lin, Chung Po Lin, Juti Rani Deka
Abstract:With rapid expansion of nanotechnology, microminiaturization has become imperative in the field of micro/nano fabrication. A nanomanipulation...
Authors: Chien Jong Shih, Kuang You Chen
Abstract:This paper presents an integrated process of structural topology optimization in minimizing both compliance and structural weight. The...
Authors: Tung-Hsin Yeh, Jiin Yuh Jang, Yu Bin Chen, Der Her Wang
Abstract:In order to inspect on wall condition inside the coke oven, an inspection device has been developed to protect a camera inside and sustains...
Authors: Rong Yuan Jou
Abstract:Thermoelectric coolers are often used in freezing chuck to freeze or to thaw easy broken egg-shells, clays, and other ferrous/nonferrous...
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