Advanced Design and Manufacture II

Volumes 419-420

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Hai Liu, Qing Liang Zeng, Cheng Long Wang, Yu Shan Li

Abstract: The technologies of expert system, ontology modeling and reasoning are studied and applied in this paper. A framework of ontology-based...

Authors: Hui Ma, Zhao Hui Ren, Ji Shuang Dai, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: It is important to study system vibration characteristics for improving product quality and ensuring safety operation of units. In this...

Authors: Hong Jun Liu, Ming C. Leu

Abstract: The Freeform Extrusion Fabrication (FEF) is a Solid Freeform Fabrication process, which fabricates 3D ceramic green parts by extruding an...

Authors: Li Quan Wang, Yong Dong An, Rong Hua Sun, Shao Jun An

Abstract: In this paper, a new type of shaft end torque loadling device is studied for the closed power flow test system of the high-power marine...

Authors: Chang Hua Qiu, Can Wang

Abstract: To solve the permutation flowshop problem more effectively, a novel artificial immune particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm has been...

Authors: Sheng Yuan Yan, Chun Yan Xia, Kun Yu, Wei Bo Xu

Abstract: The quality of man-machine interface (MMI) directly affects efficiency, safety and comfort of the man-machine system. Therefore, it is...

Authors: Xiao Dong Yu, Xiu Li Meng, Bo Wu, Jun Peng Shao, Yan Qin Zhang, Zhi Min Shi

Abstract: In order to solve the thermal deformation of the hydrostatic thrust bearing in the heavy equipment, a simulation research concerning...

Authors: Wan Tao He, Wen Chao Ren, Xiang Qian Che, Shao Sheng Wang

Abstract: Optical 3D measurement systems are used in a lot of applications, for instance for quality control and reverse engineering. A structured...

Authors: Li Dong Jiang, Shan Chang, Guang Hao Dai, Zhen Rong Zhu

Abstract: The abnormal noise was found in a marine planetary gearbox during the experiment. Then, the load test of the gearbox was done on a gearbox...

Authors: Hai Yan Song, Zhen Gong Zhou, Li Fu Liang, Zong Min Liu

Abstract: Finite element method is an approximate computational method which is widely used and continuously developed. Variational principles are the...


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